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Reasons she is having cravings during pregnancy

Upon meeting a number of pregnant barbies in our circle, we may have come across the term “pregnancy craving” or one may have discussed about “cravings during pregnancy”. Do you understand what is it? To me it is no longer surprising. Not because I am mother of one, but have heard it so many times in my life up til now. During my pregnancy period, I had this craving of sweets and candies. But my friends desired to have something salty. This has clarified me that not everyone has the similar craving. Everybody experiences their own kind of pregnancy.

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Researches have confirmed that there is some biological reason behind this intense craving. It seems to be a wonderful idea as in such a way, one fulfill the nutritional need of the woman body or fetus.

Undoubtedly the entire duration of pregnancy is tiring and uncomfortable, satisfying the rising cravings makes one feel much better. Cravings during pregnancy is a scientifically-proven concept, experienced in all cultures and societies. Indeed women in every culture have a different carving.

Some of the common food items that becomes a part of pregnancy craving includes;

  • Chocolates
  • Ice-creams
  • Pickles
  • Fries

**There are many across the globe who crave non-food items during the pregnancy. These include; clay, soap, chalk, etc.

“Women who tend to crave more, gain more weight, further becoming the reasons behind higher complications throughout the period”

Nutritional or non-nutritional cravings during pregnancy

A large number of psychologist reports that they have experimented ladies with regards to their cravings during pregnancy. A crowd filled with women was asked to open up the specific-given boxes, some of which carried milk chocolate, white chocolate, and cocoa pills. The group preferred the white chocolate which made the psychologist conclude that it does not comprise any active ingredient or any useful nutrition needed by the body. Hence, reporting no connection to the hormones level.

Actually there is no limit to the source of craving. It can be any, like starting from fries or a chocolate bar and then increasing gradually.

Additionally, it also appears to be the mind game as we live in a society where we are asked that a particular thing like the chocolate is not good for health. So if you consume it once, you will have to be guilty forever as you won’t be able to stop yourself the next time.

“In some of the cultures, even today pregnancy cravings are harshly judged”

Pregnancy is demanding and nothing can be done forcefully as it may give rise to multiple complications. 

Tips to manage unhealthy pregnancy cravings

Since unhealthy cravings are common, these needs to be dealt with. some of the helpful tips include;

  • Eliminate your feeling for hunger by having every meal on it’s time.
  • Make sure that you do not stock your pantry with unhealthy food items. These may include low glycaemic index food such as fresh fruits, unsweetened rolled oats, etc.
  • Leave your home to the least especially when hungry.
  • Sleep as much as you can. Not only it adds more to your beauty, but it also help in limiting the craving for junk food items.

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