Courage and confidence synergy

Courage and Confidence Synergy Review

At the end of a tiring, frustrating, and gloomy day, we all need healing therapy. Courage and Confidence Synergy is an organic essential oil blend that aims to offer relief. The perfect blend of natural organic material is the perfect description in the ingredients list of this essential oil blend. As the name indicates, the product boosts up inner health and helps restore self-esteem. The blend provides the best healing and relaxation therapy whenever needed.

Spiritual and emotional energies

The Atlas Cedar and Spikenard are linked with a spiritual terminology. Where the Cedar symbolizes glory, strength, and power, it is also used as a herb in the Bible. Therefore, considered as a cure for low-feels and negativity. These herbs are in use since ancient times. This has helped to cure different diseases such as food poisoning, female reproductive issues, constipation, skin, and immunity-related problems.

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All organic and natural Ingredients

The supernatural ingredients of the blend include Atlas Cedar, Spikenard, and Balsam Fir. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make the ingredients worth to be added. These oils have major usage during massage and aromatherapy. The most encouraging and appealing attribute of the product is its anti-stress and anxiety relief properties. The usage of this product also includes in the form of a diffuser, a deodorant spray, or a perfume. The use of these ingredients in natural oils is a common practice to promote quality products. The product courage and confidence synergy can also be used to cure other problems such as bronchitis, acne, dandruff, and arthritis.

Anxiety and stress relief                                   

Anxiety and depression are the leading issues of this generation. This reason has triggered the therapists to move towards the natural healers of the problem for long-term cures. Spikenard- an important ingredient of Courage and Confidence Synergy helps fight against anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Being a perfect Ayurvedic cure, this has been serving to deal with a nervous breakdown and stress relief. The spikenard- bell-shaped flowers are the major sources for the extraction of these essential oils. The spicy and pleasant aroma of the blend helps promote mental relief. The Atlas Cedar helps to manage negativity and anxiety being an essential ingredient of this natural oil. Balsam Fir is an ultimate cure for depression and anxiety.

Medicinal Uses

Medicinal uses of this organic blend include its anti-microbial properties. Essential and natural oils are for healing wounds. Spikenard is a cure for bacterial and fungal growth on toenails and other body parts. The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation and puffiness under the eyes and on the whole body. Researches have shown that the extracts of Spikenard help to cure root causes responsible for the dysfunctioning of respiratory, digestive, and immune functioning.  So, the inhalation of all-natural Courage and Confidence Synergy is health-friendly. Some additional beneficial properties include curing scabies, blisters, marks, and pimples.

Some Household Uses

Apart from medicinal uses, there are several ways to use them. These include an air freshener, home cleanser, soothing bath, and insect repellant. The use is very simple but worth doing. A few drops of blend added to a spray bottle along with some carrier oil such as sunflower or water can be used as a home freshener or cleanser. The addition of a few drops of the blend to warm water can turn out to be beneficial for a soothing bath. Its use with other carrier oils such as lavender and tea tree is effective against insects and flies.

Direction to Use

The blend is supposed to use in the form of a diffuser. The amount suitable as a massage oil for the entire body is approximately 2% and 3-5% for heart and chest along with any other carrier oil. There are several other ways to utilize the blend. The aromatic properties of the natural oils create a relaxing effect when used in aromatherapy. 


It is always advisable to consult a doctor prior to using the product. This is despite the blend manufactured with the utmost care and health-friendly ingredients. I would never recommend the ingestion of essential oil directly without proper prescription. The major reason is that any active ingredients can turn out to be allergic sometimes.