More than millions of Scots have been urged to the complete census online and on paper before May deadline

Complete census before May deadline- Isn’t it amazing?

More than millions of Scots have been urged to the complete census online and on paper before May deadline.

Over time, Scots have been reminded of the time so they complete the national census. This has been via sending of a letter to every household. The Government has also set up a team that visits houses and makes them fill the survey that has not. For encouragement, the Scotland government has set up an amount fine, i.e. £1,000 for anyone who does not complete the survey before meeting the deadline.

“According to the National Records of Scotland, having the census complete on time helps with budgeting and funding plan for every sector.”

Completing the census is one of the legal responsibilities and this is what makes it important for every person to fill them correctly. Those who submit fake information about themselves will be fined or may have to face prosecution.

As everyone is different from the other, there are people under stress or with disabilities. If for any reason you do not go and complete census before May deadline, ask anyone over 16 years of age to help you fill it before time! If you are one of them with special additional needs, the government also offers support.

The chief executive of National Records of Scotland, Paul Lowe has come forward to thank the public for their responsibility. He continued that the census collected contains important information. And all the services be offered in the country will be relying upon it.

Additionally, charities and businesses also make use of the census as this helps them in making some essential decisions.

When the population answers about them, their home, and their household, it makes it easy for the service providers to find out what services are needed in the community. Mr. Paul also clarified that there are guidelines to assist the nation in English and 16 other languages. The website also has a video to support it.

What is happening in other parts of the UK?

The census in other parts of the UK took place on 21/3/2021. This included England and Wales, the results from the census will be shared this year between June and July. This was the first time when the Uk census added gender-related questions, i.e. “Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?”

Everyone over 16 years of age answered with a tick and specified their gender identity.

Even in Northern Ireland, the census was collected last year on 21st March 2021. And the results will be published before June ends in 2022.

Although people had both the online and physical paper options, over 80% of the population chose the online option to complete the survey.