womens' health problems

Common Women’s Health Problems and their Solutions

Health problems are faced by all men and women in different phases of their lives. Women often hide their problems and sometimes do not take them seriously. However, there are certain womens’ health problems that, when not given proper treatment, can lead to many other issues.
Following are mentioned some common health problems that can risk your health and should never be ignored. Let’s have a look:

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the common cancers that many women do not figure out. Sometimes the symptoms and sometimes no noticeable symptoms are observed. This type of cancer starts from the tissues of the breast and can spread to other parts of your body and can be fatal. A single or more lump can be seen around your breasts or in your arm. Although some lumps are not dangerous and go away on their own, every lump should be checked by a doctor to be sure you are not suffering from this disease.

The lump, if required, is removed through surgery and later, some therapies are required to stop the growth of the cancer cells.

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Both men and women suffer from this health problem but, the ratio of women is much more than men. The decrease in the bone density makes the bones weak and hence, the chances of getting fractures are increased. Calcium and Vitamin D are very essential to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, there is no proper cure for Osteoporosis and it cannot be reversed. However, certain treatments are carried out to ensure that the situation does not get worsened and proper medications are given to maintain the strength of the bones and prevent further damage.

Cervical Cancer

A woman’s uterus is connected to the vagina through the cervix. Cervical cancer is mainly caused by the infection through HPV. HPVs are sexually transmitted and any woman can suffer through the infection caused by them. However, if these infections last for longer, the risk of suffering through cervical cancer is increased.

Some common symptoms that can lead to cervical cancer include abnormal bleeding during or after the menstrual cycle, the difference in the vaginal discharge, and pain in the pelvis.

This disease can be cured through surgeries and treatments if diagnosed at early stages. Surgery is carried out for the removal of the cancer cells and later chemotherapy and medications are required to prevent the further growth of those cells.

Depression and Anxiety

We all feel depressed and low sometimes. Many women do not count depression and anxiety as a disease. Hence, they do not consult a doctor for this issue, neither take any medication to overcome this issue. However, this affects many women’s health badly.

Some common symptoms you might be under-going depression include feeling hopeless, guilty, and restless. Feeling weak and tired even in the morning and facing difficulty while sleeping is also clear and obvious signs you are depressed.

Apart from medications, it is also advised to stay happy and satisfied and maintain a proper eating and sleeping routine. Women who keep themselves busy at work the entire day are also at a higher risk of getting anxiety. Spending time with your friends, going for a relaxing massage, and going shopping are some easy ways to relax and calm yourself.

Pregnancy-related Issues

Gestational diabetes and low hemoglobin are among the common womens’ health problems that come along with pregnancy. Asthma, anxiety, and depression are also noticed in some women. The reason behind these issues is the change in hormones.
These issues need to be treated as they can affect the health of both the mother and the baby. A lot of medications are avoided during pregnancy as they are not good for the fetus however when needed, the mother is given certain medications to overcome these issues.

Taking care of your diet and tracking what you eat and following necessary women’s health tips advised by your doctor is very important so that you do not face any complication during pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.


Although menopause is a natural phase of every women’s life. It happens when the menstrual cycle comes to an end. Some women might go through this without any problems while some might face some troubles. Irregular periods and excessive bleeding during periods is a common sign you are going through menopause.

Once a woman reaches, she might go through menopause any time. It varies on woman to woman and diet, physical and mental health play a vital role during this time. It is advised to eat healthily and take multivitamins so that you go through this time smoothly.

Rise in womens health problems is a negative impact towards the society.

Autoimmune Diseases

Improper functioning of the immune system leads to many diseases. Some common diseases that are caused by this include Celiac disease, Graves disease, Dermatomyositis, and several others.

The symptoms include body aches and pains, slight fever, and exhaustion. If the condition is not that bad, it can be reversed by making little changes in your routine such as lowering salt and sugar intake, exercise, and staying active.

The earlier the autoimmune diseases are detected the easier it is to treat them. Women are at a higher risk of suffering from autoimmune diseases as compared to women.


A woman’s health is very important as she plays a lot of roles in her life. Therefore, not even a single symptom should be ignored. Every woman should keep a proper check and balance to make sure she is staying healthy and fine.

Moreover, you should regularly take your multivitamins, exercise, and eat a proper healthy diet so you stay away from a lot of diseases that can affect your health.

Visiting your caretaker regularly might also help if you are going through any disease and are unable to feel or notice any symptoms. Following the basic women’s health tips will surely save you from bigger problems in the future. So, enjoy your life to the fullest, say happy to live a peaceful life.