Colorado River Water Deadline

Colorado River Water Deadline

States using water from the Colorado River are not doing enough to conserve as a result Colorado River water deadline is alarming.

Southern Nevada Water Authority officials are sounding the alarm. The agency says States using water from the Colorado River are not doing enough to make cuts and they are playing on borrowed time here.

A news reporter talked to the Head of the Water Authority whose warning conservation negotiations between states are now deadlocked.

It is concerning that John Ensminger with the Southern Nevada Water Authority sent a scathing letter, especially given that it is a government document to the department of the interior, essentially saying that over the last two months. Other Colorado River using states are not bringing legitimate conservations plans to the table

This comes after the federal government demanded the seven Colorado River states meet to negotiate water use and drop usage by 15 to 30%. As Lake Mead and Lake Powell dropped to their lowest levels since they were first filled and slammed other states saying that none of the proposals came near.

The goal demanded and do not reduce enough water usage.

The proposal hitting the highest mark was only half of what the Bureau of Reclamation is demanding.

The speaker says if they can’t all get on the same page soon, it may be too late to take action. Eventually, Mother Nature’s going to pick winners. This is not something you can build your way out of. This is not something you can talk your way out of. There’s only so much water and if we can’t come up with a way to share the pain, Nature is going to do it for us.

Now, the seven states can’t get into the same room and figure this out themselves, and the federal government will wade into the water fight and start making cuts of their own. It would be much better if the state can make its own decisions.

So he has some hopes everyone can come back to the table before the Fed steps in force.

The Department of Interior is supposed to announce new operating procedures for the Colorado River.

Colorado River Water Deadline.