Chinese scientists are collecting DNA

Chinese scientists are collecting DNA to build a genetic tool for human surveillance

When done right, scientific pursuits can help solve some of the most daunting challenges that humans face. But what happens when science is used for sinister objectives, which is always a downside and a potential downside. It can set dangerous precedence which brings us to the Communist Party of China. It is using science to expand its control over the people of China. Beijing has already built an unparalled surveillance system. It now wants a new database for Tibet. Chinese scientist are collecting DNA samples of Tibetans on a mass scale. These are blood and fingerprints samples. With this database, the Chinese state will be able to keep an eye on the citizens for generations.

How DNA samples help?

Every human is unique. There are specific identifiers that sets us apart from the rest, like our fingerprints, the iris in the eye, even our voice. These features are not like the password of your email. They are almost impossible to replicate because they are defined by your DNA. What happens if someone gets access to your DNA? They can track you in ways you cannot even imagine a new dystopian nightmare is unfolding in China. Tibet has been serving as a laboratory for the Chinese surveillance state. Surveillance techniques used in places like XinJiang were tested and perfected in Tibet first and now Chinese officials are conducting a new experiment. They are gathering DNA samples across debate.

The Chinese say it is part of a crime detection drive. Officials collect two main kinds of samples, fingerprints and blood samples. The drivers have as adults and children, even kids as young as five years old, have had their samples taken.

Where are the samples going?

To the Chinese police. The local cops are building a database about it. Chinese scientist collecting DNA samples of Tibetans in 2019. It is part of a policing campaign called the three greats, inspection, investigation, and mediation. This database can have a devastating effect on the Chinese society. Using it, China can identify not just dissidents but also their families, even their close relatives. This is the next frontier for surveillance in China. DNA data is less likely to change over long periods of time. That’s why the Communist Party is keen on building massive DNA databases. With millions of records in archives, the Chinese state can track families through generations.

What could that look like?

Chinese investigators could use the DNA database. When they look for a suspect they’ll know about his or her parents, grandparents, even ancestors. It will be the most comprehensive profile of a citizen. With Chinese investigators, such databases can generate a list of targets to go after. The Chinese state can even surveilled future generations. DNA sampling Titans the Communist Party’s grip. It makes sure the party stays in control, not just today, but in the future as well.