China to help Sri Lanka in Financial Crisis

As we all are aware that Sri Lanka is facing a serious financial crisis. About 22 million of the Sri Lankan population is feeling the heat of this crisis. The foreign currency went out of control due to which food shortages and power cuts are extreme highs.

China again has come up as a helping hand to Sri Lanka. Qi Zhenhong- the Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka expressed that over this economic and financial crisis, China will issue a sum of 76 million US dollars for the help of Sri Lanka.

Qi Zhenhong discussed his ideas regarding Sir Lankan’s aid during a discussion with Anuradha Yahampath-Governor of Eastern province. That discussion was conducted on the issues of the bilateral relationship between China and Sri Lanka.

Chinese Ambassador told that this financial aid is made due to the long relationship between both the countries.

Anuradha Yahampath insisted Chinese Ambassador to look for investment ideas in the Eastern Province which is full of natural resources and also considered a good place for tourism.

After the discussion about 10,000 ration bags were given as aid to the needy people in that area on 24th May.