China launches second space station module

China launches second space station module

China launches second space station module!

China is now a step closer to its space dream by launching it’s second of the three modules that are needed to complete its new space station. Now the unscrewed craft named vengeance was propelled by a long march to 5b rockets from the Hennan island in southern China. The mentioned lab module designed for science and biology experiments will dock with the Chinese Space Station core module tianhai.

This is the latest step in Beijing’s ambitious space program and April 2021. Beijing has launched the central module of its space station tiangong which means heavenly palace.

Almost 18 meters long and weighing about 22 tons, the new module has three sleeping areas and also space for scientific experiments. Three astronauts are living in the core module and will oversee the arrival and docking of the new module. Invention lab will also serve as a backup platform to control the space station in the event of a failure.

The final module to complete the space station is scheduled to dock in October and Space Station is also expected to become fully operational by the end of the year. The station will then assume its T-shape and will be similar in size to the former Russian Soviet mere station and its expected lifespan is set to be about 10 years. The China space program has already landed a rover on Mars and has sent probes to the moon which also includes the plan to build a base on the moon and sent humans there by 2030.

China has been excluded from the International Space Station since 2011 when the United States banned NASA from engaging with China while China does not plan to use its space station for global cooperation and the scale of the ISS.

Beijing has said that it is open to foreign collaborations. The world’s second largest economy has poured billions of dollars into its military-run space program with the hope of having a permanent crude space station and eventually also sending humans to the moon. This also provides a new level to the space war where China has made some large steps to level work to level the work field with the United States and Russia.