Cerave cleanser Review

CeraVe Cleanser Review- Find the right CeraVe Cleanser For you

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I frequently get asked questions about which cleansers to use and what cleanses are best for this skin type and also skin concerns?

And it’s my love for therapy that has helped my skin barrier so much and become so healthier over the past few years from using CeraVe. And so I just thought I’d make this really quick and easy guide for you to help you in choosing the right CeraVe cleanser for your skin type and your skin concerns.

In this article, I am going to go through the ingredients list of the foaming cleanser, the hydrating cleanser, and also the Salicylic acid cleanser, dig deep into those formulations and really find out which one is best for your skin. It’s a Cerave cleanser Review.

I am aware that in the US there is an acne cleanser with 4% Benzal peroxide. However, we’re not going to be reviewing that today because we can’t get it in the UK. Also, please do note that the salicylic acid cleanser is named slightly differently. So in the US it’s renewing and in the UK it is smoothing. However, the ingredients list is pretty much the same, give or take one or two minor ingredients.

Before we get into the cleansers, let’s just quickly recap over the brand CeraVe and sort of have a bit more of an understanding of their background and sort of their brand, because as consumers, I think it’s really important to have an awareness of a brand before spending all of your hard-earned money on their products.

About CeraVe

CeraVe is an American skincare brand created by Dermatologists, in which they combine their three essential ceramides, Ceramide One, Ceremony Three, and Ceramide Six-Two with fatty acids and lipids with their patent technology called multiverscular emulsion technology. This enables the ingredients in the formula to release at different intervals throughout the day. Thereby, giving maximum benefits and also keeping the skin hydrated for as long as possible.

And then when you combine the word ceramides to multivascular motion technology, you get the word CeraVe. Ceramide focuses on using its technology to help repair and strengthen the skin’s barrier because when this gets compromised, it leads to tight, dry, inflamed, and irritated skin.

However, these products aren’t just to repair the skin. Once the barrier is damaged, we use them to maintain a healthy and strong skin barrier, which prevents cell damage.

In terms of availability in different countries, CeraVe is widely accessible due to its drugstore price points and huge fan base.

For me, CeraVe is a brand that I can trust and that I have confidence in to keep my skin healthy.

CeraVe cleanser Review- Cerave Foaming cleanser

Foaming cleanser is targeted toward oily, combination, and of course normal skin types. The star ingredients in this foaming cleanser are three essential ceramides, of course, niacinamide, and also hyaluronic acid. And with these star ingredients, you are able to effectively target oil levels in the skin. And also replenish the moisture without irritating the skin’s barrier.

Cerave cleanser Review

We know that niacinamide is a fantastic ingredient to help regulate oil production whilst also being anti-inflammatory. Thus, promoting healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid is fantastic at replenishing the moisture levels in the different layers of the skin. It’s perfect for not only dry skin but also in combination with oily skin as well. This is because we know that dry and dehydrated skin can lead to excess oil, causing a whole load of problems.

Also in the formula is glycerin which is a fantastic moisture humectant. And we also have sodium sarcosinate and also sodium Taurate, which gives that sort of like foaming viscosity in skincare products. The sodium benzoate is sort of like a helper ingredient for other ingredients to perform better.

And then this also has phenoxyethanol and ethyl hexaglycerine which are preservatives that sort of found at 1% or less in the formula. Parabens are usually found at 1% or less, so it’s absolutely fine.

Overall, the foaming cleanser is great if you want to remove excess oil and also get a really deep clean on the skin. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling stripped and you can use it twice daily if desired.

I’d recommend using this cleanser if you have a combination to oily skin and also slightly dehydrated skin as well. And it’s absolutely fine for sensitive skin users because there are no fragrances in there.

Cerave Cleanser Review- CeraVe Hydrating cleanser

It is formulated with again those three essential ceramides and also hyaluronic acid. The Hydrating Cleanser is the OG of CeraVe and it’s targeted toward normal to dry skin types. However, all skin types can use this but more on that in a minute.

cerave cleanser review

Looking at the ingredients list you will see a range of alcohol-based compounds. These are fatty alcohols that are good alcohols to use in skin care products. They should not be confused with ethanol or denatured alcohol which can be really drying and sort of damage the skin’s barrier.

And then we also have in the ingredients list sodium hyaluronic, which is labeled as hyaluronic acid. However, just sodium hyaluronic possesses thesame abilities and same sort of performance levels of hyaluronic acid. It’s just cheaper and easier to formulate.

This cleanser also has cholesterol which is a fantastic ingredient. It helps to really sort of moisturize and replenish the hydration levels on the outer layers of the skin. Overall, this is a great cleanser with nice creamy texture to it perfect for dry and normal skin types. But it’s also perfect for combination or oily skin types as well because we obviously cleanse twice a day. We have to otherwise our face will just be oil everywhere. So it’s really nice to use as a morning cleanser just to sort of remove excess products from overnight. It also helps with excess oil without overly stripping the skin.

You can also use a cleanser in the double-step cleansing routine which I’ve personally done before and I found it amazingly. But really this cleanser shines the most in the colder and drier winter months. This is because it’s just like you’re giving your skin an extra ounce of moisture and hydration. But without a real sort of disrupting the skin’s barrier and irritating your skin further.

CeraVe cleanser Review- Cerave Salicylic Acid Smoothing or Renewing cleanser

This cleanser is targeted toward skin types that are prone to breakouts, and oiliness. And also to people who have rough and bumpy textured skin. It is formulated with salicylic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and three essential ceramides.

cerave cleanser review

Salicylic acid is part of the BHA family, making it an oil-soluble acid. It can penetrate through the oil and in a sense unclog those pores. Not only it is great for being a gentle acid to help against fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to improve the texture of the skin and dissolve the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. And salicylic acid is absolutely a firm favorite for people who have combination skin, oily skin, and also acne-prone skin. It has the ability to really clean out those pores.

It can be found in varying concentrations and varied skincare products from cleansers, and toners, to serums and moisturizers. And you’ll find rinse off products with a higher PH so it’s gentler on the skin and leave on products like serums, toners, moisturizers and cleansers have a lower PH of skin for greater efficiency.

It will help clean your skin without stripping it. But also help to target the skin concerns of texture irregularities and also skin dullness.

My Final Verdict

It’s all about knowing your skin type and sort of knowing your skin concerns currently. The hydrating cleanser are absolutely perfect in the colder months when your skin just needs extra moisture. The Salicylic acid if for one if you’re suffering from texture irregularities, or your pores are enlarged and your face needs to decongest. Foaming cleanser can be yours if you don’t have texture irregularities. But you do suffer from combination skin or oily skin and you just need a stronger cleanser than a hydrating one.

Hope the Cerave cleanser Review helps!