Can weight loss cure PCOS?

Can weight loss cure PCOS?

This question “can weight loss cure PCOS” is getting really common. But this is very important and more important is to clear certain things before I answer this question.

Curing Policy Covariance syndrome (PCOS) is not possible but successful management is. So yes, polycystic covariance syndrome can be successfully managed with weight loss alone.

Can weight loss cure PCOS?

Losing weight itself indicates several things when you are trying to manage PCOS. The very fact that you are able to lose weight successfully with PCOS running in the background is an indicator of the fact;

  1. Your insulin resistance is doing better now. That is, your insulin sensitivity has improved and so has your glucose and fat metabolism. This is allowing your body to shed weight.
  2. Having hormonal balance, that is balance of your estrogen, Ssbg, progesterone, and testosterone when imbalanced in PCOS assures and allows body to shed weight.

Trying to lose weight is very hard in PCOS and nobody can tell this better than people who suffer from it. What it does is that it makes sure that all these underlying mechanisms which are leading to PCOS are balanced and your body is coming back to a metabolic balance which it had prior to the development of PCOS and that itself is assuring that you are managing PCOS successfully.

Also, what I have seen during my research is that losing weight, with the right kind of diet. Mind you! Not with fresh diets, but the right kind of eating habits, i.e. eating every 3 to 4 hours.

Having healthy foods, including a lot of super foods in your diet and losing weight thus helps to ensure that your hormones are balanced. And your metabolism is balanced and thus it helps you get regular periods and boost your fertility levels. It is also helpful in nagging symptoms of PCOS go away, eg. acne and hair loss gets much better when you lose weight successfully. So yes, weight loss does and is the most effective way of managing PCOS successfully.

If you are not able to lose weight effectively despite of doing all things that mean something is wrong, do reevaluate the measures that you have taken to manage your PCOS?, whether the supplements or the medicines you are taking are right or not?

** Going on contraceptive pills to get regular periods is one of the most common causes. This leads to instant weight gain that is being on oral contraceptive pills for a longer time and have been seen to be associated with weight gain in patient.

Such quick fixes are ones which make your PCOS worse. So make sure you’re doing all the right things.

Healthy habits for managing PCOS

  • Eat your food meals on time. Never skip meals. Eat your breakfast on time as having your breakfast does help you make better choices in terms of food. It makes you more energetic, helps you work out better.
  • Having healthy food and doing exercise regularly. Ensure focusing on walking, jogging, running, core strength exercises, yoga can keep yourself physically active.
  • Meditate regularly to manage stress well. Because stress is one of the most important causes or it is emerging as one of the most prominent causes why women today are developing PCOS rapidly or why so many women are developing PCOS today. So many stress effectively and meditate regularly, engage into activities which keep you happy and calm.

All these will help you shed weight effectively and manage your PCOS better.