Can Marriage cure PCOS

Can Marriage cure PCOS?

They says, Marriage is the solution to get rid of PCOS, Trust me it’s untrue! So when you hear “can marriage cure PCOS?”, take it as not true!

Do these myths end here? Not really! There are number of myths attached and trust me maybe a single is true only! Trust me all of them are untrue!

Myths related to PCOS

There are several myths attached with PCOS. Some of them are as follow;

  • Is my daughter suffering from a rare condition? I never had PCOS and nobody else in my family had PCODS. So how come my daughter is having PCOS? Is it something rare?

It is not a rare condition, not a rare problem these days. So this is a problem actually, which is becoming an epidemic in today’s modern life so much that almost one in ten women is actually suffering from PCOS. So many people think that just because they are having irregular periods, they could be having PCOD.

Gynecologist here advice that in case you are suffering from PCOD/PCOS, you just need to first go to a gynecologist. Let the gynecologist assess what is the reason for irregular period.

  • Can marriage cure PCOS?

We all know, that PCOD is basically a lifestyle disorder and is seen more in the urban population. So it is somewhere definitely related to sedentary lifestyle exposure to wrong diets or of stress and worry in life is regular sleep patterns. So gynecologist advice to this would be that lifestyle ticker low.

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  • PCOS won’t make you a mother

Another common worry which many PCOS patients have is that somehow getting pregnant is a problem with PCOD/PCOS. There is trouble sometimes in conceiving a baby, but yet these days there are a lot of options available to take care of that problem. There are a lot of medicines and a proper art which is known artificial reproductive technology which can help these women to conceive. So It’s a myth that once you have PCOD, you can’t conceive it.