Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Exclusive Interview with CNN

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Exclusive Interiview with CNN

Did something revealed during Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Exclusive Interview with CNN?

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as the chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) gave a live interview to CNN from Islamabad on 13th April 2022. He unknowingly reveals how unwillingly he entered Pakistan’s politics and how is he coping up with it.

Let’s see what more he has revealed during the interview questions?

Q1. I know you’ve endorsed Sharif’s appointment. There are reports that you’re being eyed as Pakistan’s new foreign minister. Can you confirm that?

Ans. No, I can’t confirm that. But absolutely. We worked with the coalition government to oust Mr. Khan through a no confidence motion. He tried to support that moves through what amounts to a constitutional coup. But the Supreme Court of Pakistan decided against him and ultimately Parliament managed to finish the democratic process and vote him out of office.

Q2. Would your party be happy with you becoming foreign minister under Prime Minister, not from your own party?

Ans. I’m sure that would be something difficult for my party to stomach being the second largest member of the coalition. But obviously, we do have to work together to address Pakistan’s problems and whatever my party decides in the better interest of the country. Of course, I would follow.

Q3. So at this point, you don’t see a future for you in this administration. But you’re saying it would be up to the party?

Ans. At this point, all political parties that are in our alliance that defeated Imran Khan must work together for the restoration of democracy, work towards electoral reforms and try to address the economic issues.

Q4. Imran Khan is demanding immediate elections, he says, to let the people decide whom they want as their prime minister. You have said democracy has won and you have appealed to the youth that democracy is the best revenge. So do you support Khan’s call for free and fair elections, early elections, if needs be?

Ans. We absolutely want free and fair elections. But in order to have free and fair elections, we must legislate on electoral reforms. Because as everybody knows, the 2018 elections is that Khan used to come to power have been widely seen and condemned not only nationally but internationally as rigged and compromised elections that resulted in this end, three years of autocratic dictator general rule through the office of Mr Imran Khan. He not only robbed our media freedoms but robbed average Pakistanis of democratic rights that we just recently started to enjoy. In the 10 years before Mr Khan came to power.

So indeed, it is a big victory for democracy that we are moving towards electoral reforms and free and fair elections. When not a selected government like Mr Khan’s, but a government that is truly elected representative of the people of Pakistan, it can decide their fate.

Q5. Imran Khan does still enjoy huge popular support, he tweeted a day ago “never have such crowds and been come out so spontaneously in such numbers in our history, rejecting the imported government led by crooks” Those protests, he claims, are against a US backed regime change. He is right to point out there were massive protests, demonstrations of support. That tweet alone garnered seven point two million views. What are your thoughts on his belief that his ouster is all part of a US orchestrated conspiracy?

Ans. I think that the American people will be able to relate to what Pakistan is going through right now. Pakistan just recently experienced are equivalent to your January six, the moment where Mr Khan, despite knowing that he had lost his majority in parliament, tried acting through his speaker into a constitutional coup and thwart that process. And he’s come up with this big lie of an international conspiracy led by the United States to oust him when the fact is he’s the first prime minister in the history of Pakistan to be ousted through democratic constitutional means. And this is a massive victory for Pakistan’s democracy as far as his support is concerned. Of course, little fascists all over the world enjoy their cult following. But that does not mean that the majority of Pakistan should be dictated to by this by these fascist Indians.

Q6. Though he does retain enormous popular support. His tenure as prime minister was characterized by the shift away from the West and a move closer to China and indeed to Russia. President Joe Biden didn’t call in during his three and a half year tenure. Khan’s criticism of Washington in the West frankly bought him a lot of popular support inside the country. Do you see Pakistan’s relationship with Washington now changing on the ship as sharif? And if so, how?

Ans. He answered all three parts of the question. As far as Mr. Khan’s support in the public is concerned, even though we criticized the last elections as heavily rigged. According to those rigged election results, which Mr. Khan calls the most free and fair elections in Pakistan’s history. Mr. Khan’s position in parliament, represents 30 percent of the people of Pakistan’s votes, whereas our coalition represents 70 percent of the people of Pakistan’s vote.

So that’s as far as popularity is concerned, Mr. Imran Khan, despite being extremely anti-American in his rhetoric when he’s out of government, when he was in government and Mr. Trump was the president of the United States, he enjoyed very cordial relations with Mr. Trump. It is true that since President Joe Biden has taken, has taken over and following the complexities in Afghanistan, there has been difficulties between the U.S. and Pakistan relations. But Mr. Khan is manipulating this series of events to try and create this perception that there is some grants conspiracy when the fact of the matter is not.

Our decision to bring a vote of no confidence was taken much before Mr. Khan’s visit to Russia on the eve of the Ukrainian crisis. And we had no way of knowing that Mr. Khan would go and shake President Putin’s hand as he was invading Ukraine. As a result, there would be some sort of friction in foreign policy. But because Mr. Khan was removed through a democratic process because he doesn’t have any right, any narrative that allows him to be presented as a victim.

He is relying on Pakistani’s general anti-American sentiment and trying to provoke a very dangerous situation where he’s declared 70 percent of the people’s mandate as traitors unilaterally and is going down a very dangerous path. America has had 200 years of democracy to sustain the pressures of this sort of attack. Pakistan’s democracy is very young, it’s very new, and Mr Khan’s assault, it’s his big lie and fascist tendencies is a threat to our society.

Q7. It is a young country. It’s a young democracy. Sharif is the brother of former deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. You yourself are part of one of Pakistan’s leading political families and the son of two former prime minister and a president. Some would say that is what is wrong with Pakistani politics. This sort of dynasty family politics right or wrong?

Ans. Absolutely, dynasties exist, I mean, I would think it’s unfair to criticize the former secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for being involved in politics because her husband involved in politics, etc.

Q8. And it was a really important question. It’s a really important question?

Ans. Criticized nepotism and dynastic politics as much as you want. But whoever the people of Pakistan decide that is what at the end of the day should matter. As far as Mr. Khan is concerned, his entire party is full of dynasts himself, his children may be underage and not involved in politics at the moment, but in his provincial governments, in his federal representations, in his party representations, he relies heavily on Pakistani dynasties.

As far as myself is concerned, my grandfather was was hanged by a military dictator, my mother was assassinated by a terrorists and a dictator’s. And I was forced into Pakistani politics at a young age. I didn’t choose this life. It chose me. But for whatever reason, one is doing politics. We believe in democracy and that the people should decide. Mr Khan likes to talk about democracy when in fact he believes in rigging elections coming to Pakistan.

It seems like Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Exclusive Interview with CNN went smooth. Let see whats’ next to happen in Pakistan!