President Joe Biden holds the first meeting with Jair Bolsonaro

Biden and Bolsonaro met for the first time over election worries

President Joe Biden holds the first meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday. In the public portion of this meeting, U.S President talked about upcoming elections and handling of the Amazon rainforest. On the other hand, the Brazilian President seemed more defensive while discussing these issues.

Both leaders had never met before and this is their first meeting at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where Biden is already hosting a weeklong summit of the Western Hemisphere leaders.

During this meeting. Biden acknowledged Brazil’s powerful electoral institutions.  

Bolsonaro is ready for reelection this year and has to face a challenge from one of his predecessors but continuously passing useless claims against Brazil’s voting system. While analysts see it as an attempt of face-saving if Bolsonaro losses the election in October.

Bolsonaro said elections must be clean, honest, and reliable to get rid of all shadows of doubts.

He also added I came through a proper democratic way and if I have to leave then it must be through a democratic manner.

In this meeting, how Bolsonaro handled the Amazon rainforest was really acknowledged by the Biden.

Biden also praised the sacrifices that Brazil has done for the protection of natural resources.

Biden also suggested that there is a lot more to do and rest of the world should help Brazil.

While addressing, Bolsonaro again took a defensive tone and told Biden that, we often feel threatened in our sovereignty but the truth is Brazil does very well for the safety of its territory.