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Benefits and side effects of hair removal treatment

When it comes to hair removal treatment, laser hair removal is something that we find as one of the welcomed options. But with this also comes a question “Is it safe?”, “Is it right?”. Facial hair or body hair, nothing looks good and this is why when it comes to having them removed, one may consider all the available options. Although shaving is quick to do option, the majority choose to go for waxing. Hence, a painful option. As a result, hair growth seems to come back in a matter of days while waxed hair itches.

Having the above options set aside, one of the long-lasting options that people choose is laser treatment. Also known as electrolysis, this process ends up the production of hair via sending the hair follicle the electric current and kills it.

Sounds painful? It is and time consuming too.

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“The laser pays attention to the pigment cells in the hair follicle, burning the hair till root”

Carlos A. Charles

Benefits of hair removal treatment


When one among you will choose to go for the treatment, this is one of the benefits that would have attracted you. Having the laser facial treatment done means no more amount to spend on those wax treatments, razors, or whichever method you’ve been using. Going for the laser is a one-time cost and then a saving in the long run.

No more ingrown hairs

Say bye-bye to ingrown hairs. Unlike shaving, threading, or waxing, going for electrolysis will end up the struggle for pulling out the ingrown hair.

“Laser treatment practitioners shares that laser treatment is generally up with limited side effects. And all of them go away in a couple of days”.

Quick and effective

In comparison to other treatments you may go for, this has been clarified as one of the quicker available options. Hence, depending on the size of the affected area. The first few weeks will be enough to show the result.

Practitioners consider this process a successful one upon witnessing permanent hair loss among some of their patients within a few weeks.

Forever smooth skin

The beauty and smoothness of the skin are back. Where waxing and shaving make the roots stronger, the laser treatment may give you the regrowth of barely visible, thin, and weak hair after a period of 6 months. Regrowth of the hair is possible, but this won’t be that worst.

Side effects of hair removal treatment

Not a suitable option for everyone

Just like the atmosphere of the bodies are different, the laser treatment may not suit everyone. Mainly the patient having the dark hair and clear skin will be able to see the best results while those having fair hair will demand a number of sessions. But still, they may suffer for the perfect result. As witnessed, if you have peach fuzz hair, the treatment is not for you.

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Time consuming

Obviously it’s not like you had it a day and the result appears the next morning. The process takes a lot of time. Sometimes weeks and sometimes months. Meanwhile, you can shave if you think that it takes time.

Heavy one time investment

Going for the treatment is not at all for the poor. The practitioners demand amount that only the rich can afford. Although it seems like saving in the long run, collecting the amount for the treatment is also a hectic task. Additionally, the one looking forward to opt will even think about the cost of treatment as well as the cost of machine.

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Bottom line

People across the globe have been looking forward to get hair removal treatment that is safe and pock-friendly too. It has been considered as an option for long-term hair reduction due to the fact that the results may not be permanent for everybody. As witnessed, hair growth declines by 80% with hair being less noticeable. But the hair grow back result may differ for everyone.

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