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maintain a complete skincare routine

Skincare! An essential part of our lives which we often neglect! The majority of people consider washing a face with good face wash and applying moisturizer or sunscreen is enough – but in reality, it is not. Our look demands a complete skincare routine. Dust, pollution, and harmful sunrays cause scars, dark spots, and pigmentation. All of these factors eventually lead to quick aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Oily foods, sugar beverages also pollute or body and leave a negative impact on the skin.

To maintain a complete skincare routine, sometimes it is expensive and time-consuming. In reality, it is not that difficult. This article will guide you on maintaining a complete skincare routine without spending lots of time.

Skin type matters:

Before trying anything on your skin, check if it is compatible with skin type or not—skin type matters; following any skincare routine, check the ingredients.

How to build a complete skincare routine?

We usually get afraid that it is time-taking work, but it is not to get proper skincare. Here are few things you should do to maintain a complete skincare routine.

Wash face with gentle face wash:

We all wash face in the morning, and if we tend to select the write face wash, it will provide never-ending benefits. Choose face wash according to face type for best results.


Make cleansing your habit – particularly at night time. Furthermore, cleanse your face when you wore makeup all day to avoid any side effects of cosmetic products. Cleansing at night time helps cleanse the dust from all skin pores and reduce aging signs. A good quality cleanser might be expensive so that you can use homemade cleansers according to skin type.


Moisturize your face daily at least two times. Even oily skin needs hydration. You can use oil-free creams, and gels o moisturize oily skins. For combination skins, nothing can work better than a balm.


Serum and scrubbing are an essential part of the skincare routine. A serum that contains Vitamin C is good for a-its anti-aging properties. You may use serums in homemade creams to get more benefits or apply twice or thrice weekly.

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Ton your skin by scrubs and massages, you can take coconut oil and massage your skin for few minutes and leave it for the night. Coconut oil contains anti-aging properties; it also lightens the spots and acne scars on the face and provides the required hydration to your skin. If not daily, do it at least thrice a week.


Use face masks at least once a week to give your face an instant bright look. A homemade mask with honey and milk will provide a quick young look to people with dry skins.


Apply sunscreen daily – apply at least 15 minutes before going out. Use good quality sunscreen that starts from SPF 30+ in the 40s. SPF 50+ is better. There is no complete skincare routine without sunscreen.

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Dos and Don’ts of skincare routine:

There are a few do and don’ts one should follow to get a beautiful, younger-looking appearance.


  • Stay hydrated – drink enough water.
  • Change pillow covers once a week.
  • Apply sunscreen no matter it’s cloudy or sunny.
  • Exercise and meditate daily
  • Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Sleep for six hours daily. Sleep apnea or oversleeping is a significant factor of dark circles.
  • Wash or wrap up hair before going to bed.
  • Avoid stress.


  • Never use any product on the face before testing it on a small area first.
  • Replace artificial sweeteners with fruits and natural items
  • Avoid oily and fast food.
  • Try to stay away from Junk food.
  • Restrict alcohol consumption

Most Importantly!

  • Home skin remedies are not for everyone. Do not use every home remedy – choose the one that suits your skin type and try it on a small area of skin. You should avoid direct use of few things like lemon, baking soda, garlic, etc. – as they irritate the skin.
Let’s wrap it up:

Try not to treat skin problems like acne and pimples yourself until you are sure about all pros and cons. Consult your doctor first when there is something unusual on your skin, like redness and irritation. Home skincare remedies good and budget but only choose the one that suits you after testing small areas. When its about how to maintain a complete skincare routine is not complicated; you may need to give 10 -15 minutes daily to yourself to look younger, fresh, and glowing.

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