Beard Growth Treatment and Tips

Beard Growth Treatment and Tips

Every man wishes a luxurious, thick beard, and a stylish mustache. But, unfortunately some men face a lot of struggle for the beard growth. Their beard comes in the form of few thin patches. Hormones and genetics are considered as the major reasons of beard development. To enhance growth of your facial hair, you should use supplements and beard oils, nourish your body from inside and practice proper skincare.

But, sometimes natural tips and remedies don’t work well so, you can attempt various medical products and techniques. The beard growth treatment and tips here are according to medical point of view. Check out some of the best products for facial hair growth and development:

At-home beard growth treatment and tips


Minoxidil is one of the components of Rogaine that helps beard growth treatment. This is usually sold without any prescription and, it is the first choice of every man, when it comes to facial hair growth.

Biotopic healthy beard growth serum

This is the most powerful serum for facial hair growth. It is rich in vitamins, bio actives, and nutrients that can deeply penetrate the skin while coating. Some of its active ingredients are:

  • Biotin: It is the basic protein that improves body’s keratin and makes up facial hair.
  • Vitamin C: Builds collagen which is highly essential for growth of hairs.
  • Hyaluronic acid: It thickens and stimulates growth of facial hairs.

Organic castor oil

Castor oil possess antifungal and antibacterial properties that keeps your skin healthy thereby protecting hair follicle health.

  • It is rich in Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids as well as in minerals and Vitamin E that repair hair damage.
  • It is also rich in keratin that repair your hair damage and gives a thick and shiny look to your beard.
  • This comes in spray foam that is why it is very convenient to apply on your beard.

Polished gentlemen’s beard growth and thickening conditioner and shampoo

Every man needs a shiny and clean beard. Regular conditioning also helps to grow your beard fast, thereby healing your skin beneath the facial hair. It possesses various organic ingredients like:

  • Eucalyptus oil: It encourages facial hair growth and also improves the thickness of your beard.
  • Argan oil: Rich in vitamins A and E that provides moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Tea tree oil: It stimulates the follicles of beard hair to promote growth.


If medical products and treatments are not helping with beard growth, so you can also switch towards therapies:

  • Derma Rolling Therapy: Also called Micro-neeedling therapy, it is a process in which tiny needles are taken and roll on your face to enhance collagen production and improves blood circulation so that hormone rich blood easily rushes to the area of beard.
  • Testosterone Therapy: Testosterone, a male sex hormone also responsible for patchy beard. In testosterone therapy, testosterone injections are given to enhance your hormone levels which results in thick facial growth hairs.

Some beard growth treatment and tips

  • Take care of your skin

Wash and clean your face regularly because it will exfoliate the skin, stimulate circulation and open up your pores.

  • Reducing stress

Whenever you are in stress, your cortisol level becomes high and these high cortisol levels have a negative impact on development of testosterone as discussed above. Low testosterone levels are responsible for patchy beard. Blood vessels are also constricted by stress as a result of which nutrients cannot reach to the hair follicles. So try to avoid stress in your daily life.

  • Improve your diet

You should take vitamin-rich and protein-rich diet because your body needs a healthy diet to stay healthy. Hair is a protein filament so, the more the protein rich diet you will consume, the thicker your beard will look. Foods like nuts, kale, and eggs are very essential and must be incorporated into your diet because they will increase the production of testosterone and give a luxurious appearance to your beard.

  • Trim beard properly

Trimming your beard after growing to a certain point is mandatory. This can be at least once a week as it help get rid of split ends

  • Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water makes your skin hydrated, and healthier skin means thicker beard. 

  • Use the right tool

Use comb and scissors for shaping full beard. But if you only want to shape your edges, electric trimmer is the best choice.