Chinese spy ship’s presence off waist coast

Australia raises it’s concern about Chinese Spy ship’s presence off waist coast

Australia seems concerned about the Chinese spy ship’s presence off waist coast. They travelled near the naval station that offers services to US and Australian submarines.

According to the Peter Dutton, Australian defence minister, the Australian defence force has been following the Chinese spy ship over the last few week, especially when it was tracked off West Australian Coast. It was sighted closer to the secretive naval communications base that offers support to US and Australia’s submarines.

The Australian prime minister confirmed that it was not in the Australian territorial water, but the presence was concerning. He shared with the reporters that the intelligence ship was looking at them and they are also keeping an eye on them.

China’s embassy is silent over a request for comment. Since Australia is to have it’s general elections in May 2021, the presence of spy has raised the question for national security threat, a major campaign theme.

For some of the years, there seem a strain in the two biggest trading partners over several issue, one of which is Chinese influence in Australian and Pacific region.

While speaking to the news reporters, he shared that this is the second time that Chinese people’s liberation army’s navy have made such a move that may result in putting Australian security in danger.

At the beginning of this year, the Australian government revealed that there was a laser pointed too towards the Australian defence plane. He also revealed that the Chinese guided missile destroyer and an amphibious transport dock were sailing east via the Arafure sea between New Guinea and Australia, closer to Australian mainland. Lets’ see what’s next China and Australia is up to!