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Are your period farts painful? Why?

Have you felt that you have become gassier before and during your period? Are your period farts painful and make you uneasy and less confident? If yes, then do not worry as this is quite normal. Getting gassy and farting a lot during periods, and that too stinky and smelly farts, is a very common issue that every other woman faces.

Here, we will discuss some of the reasons behind smelly and painful farts and will also share some effective remedies that you can follow to overcome this problem.

Why do I fart a lot during my periods?

Farting more than usual during periods is nothing to be worried about. The reason behind painful period farts is the period-related hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormones cause a lot of other problems like bloating, constipation, nausea, and cramps, along with painful farts.

Before the start of your period, your estrogen levels increase whereas the progesterone goes down. This, as a result, cause gas to build up in your gut, and hence, you fart more than you do normally.

Another hormone that is to be blamed for smelly gases is prostaglandins. When this hormone is produced more than normal, it leads to constipation and other gut issues. When your bowel movement is not regular, a lot of gas is build up in the intestine.

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Why does my period fart smell awful?

Farting more than normal is still acceptable but, stinky farts are never compromised. The awful smell that the fart brings along, can make you uncomfortable and feel weird especially when you are not alone.

The normal farts contain methane and hydrogen which are almost odorless. On the other hand, farts during the periods are smelly because of sulfur. The changes in the hormone levels affect your gut and bowel movements, and therefore, sulfur is released more than usual. This sulfur is released through farts and hence, farts smell bad.

Another reason behind smelly farts is the food you eat during your periods. Chocolates, junk and oily foods, and carbonated drinks are somethings that many women crave during their periods. These things also play a major role in building up smelly gases in your gut.

Also, these unhealthy things sometimes lead to constipation as your body takes time to digest them and when your poop stays in your bowel for more time than normal, the fart released comes with a relatively bad odor.

How to avoid period farts?

Although you cannot get rid of the period farts completely but you can follow these simple steps to help them reduce:

Increase your liquid intake

Drinking an ample amount of water and other fluids can help in getting fewer farts. Water absorbs most of the gases which are passed through urine and hence, less gases are left in the body. Also, taking lots of fluids keeps your gut in better condition and the effect of the hormones on your gut is also reduced.

Avoid certain vegetables that can cause gas

Although vegetables are considered very good for health, some of them might cause gas, especially during your periods. Some vegetables that should be avoided before and during your period include cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. You can also check what other vegetables are causing trouble to you and try to omit them from your diet during that time of the month.

Keep yourself active

We understand that you do not feel like getting up from the bed during your periods but, laying in your bed all day can also cause gas problems. Staying active and doing light exercises can also help in overcoming painful farts. if you don’t prefer exercise, you can also go for a walk. This will also brighten up your mood but will also help in good bowel movement and hence, lesser gas issues.

Avoid fast foods and carbonated drinks

Fast foods, chocolates are girls’ favorites, especially during their periods. But, these are also some of the main reasons behind troublesome smelly farts. If you want to stay comfortable and less gassy during your periods, cut down these things from your diet and you will notice a big difference.  We know that this requires a lot of effort to not fulfill your craving but, this can save you from irregular bowel movements and painful smelly farts.


Bloating, gases and other period symptoms cannot be completely avoided however, you can minimize them to pass this period farts painful phase with a little ease. The hormones are mainly responsible for smelly farts which are quite natural and nothing can be done for this until you reach menopause.

Understanding your body and finding out what is causing more trouble can help you make your time pass easily and minimize your pain. Also, everybody is different and so is everyone’s period cycle. Therefore, do not rely on someone else’s experiences. Something might suit someone and not you.

Therefore, keep yourself hydrated, stay active, and eat healthy to enjoy social gatherings and other meetups during your periods too.

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