weight loss myths

Are you still living with these weight loss myths?       

It’s hard to live with a bulky belly and a big body. But what do you feel about those weight loss myths we have been hearing for decades now. And how to forget the torture we’ve doing with our body? Sadly, the skinniest person here is also concerned about the weight gain and vice versa. If you have the urge to lose weight fast, you need to be careful when opting for some effective strategies to lose weight.

Weight loss myths

But do you know that for some, these weight loss myths turned out to be a secret and can wreak havoc on your weight loss progress;

  • Healthy food is expensive

Is it expensive than your life. When on a weight loss journey, you definitely need to get all those healthy foods that sounds expensive. Once purchased and noticed quality results, this won’t feel too expensive. Additionally, if any of the food you feel is unaffordable, getting the alternative may sound a pocket-friendly option!

  • Eat whatever you want if you are working out regularly

If you don’t have a control to what you eat, you won’t be able to reach your weight loss goal as expected. Your poor eating habits can do nothing to the amount of calories you lose. So it’s better to be careful with your diet and get the weight loss within the expected time.

  • Working out on an empty stomach helps with quick weight loss

Eating is not only to satisfy the cravings. Instead, this also is related to the mood swings. If you eat good, you’ll always be able to feel the happiness. Working out without eating any food may lead to dizziness due to the reduced blood sugar level. So it is always recommended to intake even something lighter and nutritious and plan workout. Some of the pre-workout snacks includes banana, oats, organic honey, etc.  

  • Quick weight loss is possible with supplements

Over the years, people have started trusting weight loss supplements only. No matter in what form do you intake, these may offer the needed energy. But this cannot be considered a magical solution to help lose weight. Before you choose to get any of them, make sure to get doctor’s consultation as these may negatively affect you.

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  • Fasting is an effective way to lose weight

Fasting has number of benefits. But when it comes to weight loss, this is never a good idea. Let’s say if you start fasting and let it go for 3 days, and then? Will you fast throughout your life? This will only make you feel cranky and may lead to get some really unpleasant odors. Moreover if you fast for life, your body may get dehydrated that may make you look wrinkled and puffy.

  • Skipping meals won’t make calories

Even if you consult a nutrition or dietician, you’ll find out that how skipping meal and starving is not considered a way to lose weight. Keeping yourself away from food is not at all a strategy, instead it’s more like committing suicide. Do you know when you plan to lose weight by skipping meal, you feel more hungry at a certain point of time. And you eat more. So eating meal with portion control weight loss strategy helps with keeping you stay satisfied.   

Ready to lose some extra weight? Believe and don’t believe with these weight loss myths for a healthy living!