Are fruits good for weight loss

Are fruits good for weight loss?                 

In trying to lose weight, the biggest dietary mistake that people make is that they have too much fruit way too often, the weight fruit. Is that actually bad for you? Let me break it down for you scientifically.

Many of the readers will be really be shocked because we’ve grown up with the mentality that fruits are actually good for us. But having in view that are fruits good for weight loss may update your mind!

Our parents shout at us if we eat chocolates. But fruits? No, wait, that’s okay. That’s a diet food, right? Fruits being a diet food is an idea that’s hardwired in our brains all our lives.

All our lives, we’ve been told that fruits are good and healthy for you, even if you want to lose weight. Also, fruits are god damn delicious. So if some dude on the Internet tells you the fruits aren’t good for you, obviously you wouldn’t want to believe it. You still want to keep having that delicious food, right?

But you guys need to understand one thing. I personally have nothing against fruits. They’re part of my diet. But that’s because my long term fitness goal is not weight loss. My long term fitness goal is to just be healthy. I’ve already undergone that whole weight loss process.

Fruits give you two very important things, and that’s why they’re a part of my diet. Fruits give me vitamins and minerals, and fruits give me fiber. But the downside of fruits is that they contain a lot of sugar. I can afford to eat them because I work out so much, and my overall calorie cap is really high compared to the average person who doesn’t work out.

But if your goal is weight loss and you’re a beginner in the gym or an overall fitness generally, fruits shouldn’t ideally be in your diet.

Now, I know a bunch of my readers will be like, Aren’t fruit sugars actually good for you? Aren’t they healthy sugars? I personally never understood this term healthy sugars. When you break them down at their core, all sugars are basically the same. There’s no difference between a molecule of sugar in fruit or a molecule of sugar in normal table sugar that we use in desserts.

Are fruits good for weight loss?

The only way in which fruit sugars can be called healthy sugars is because, along with the unhealthy sugar, the healthy constituents of vitamins, minerals and fiber, things that your bodies actually need and use unlike sugar.

  • There’s another bad piece of news for all your fruit lovers. There’s no single vitamin or mineral that you get from fruits that you don’t get from vegetables. In fact, all the nutrition inside vegetables is super concentrated. So actually getting a lot more nutrition from vegetables than you are getting from fruits.
  • And the other downside of fruits, obviously, is that they contain sugar. So if your goal is fat loss, you need to Chuck all those fruits out the window and stick to those vegetables. If your fitness goal is fat loss, sugar is your biggest enemy. I will be writing about it in all my articles. As per my weight loss journey, I’ve challenged myself to cut off sugar for 40 days. This includes sugar from fruits. So no fruits, jaggery, honey for 40 days and you’re guaranteed a weight loss of 3-8 kg.

The reason sugar is actually associated with deposition of fat in your body is because too much sugar causes insulin spikes in your bloodstream and too many insulin spikes make you fat.

Every time you have sugar, there’s so much energy packed inside that one molecule of sugar that your body, when it breaks it down, it doesn’t know what to do with all that energy. So it goes like there is so much energy. I’ll store it as fat and I’ll use it for later. That’s essentially how people get fat every time you have a sugar spike in your bloodstream.

What is the best time to eat fruits?

I believe in enjoying your food. So if you really enjoy fruits and you think you can’t cut it out, the best time to have fruits, remember, is always after a workout. That’s because after a workout your body is so depleted of resources that it can utilize all that energy from that one molecule of sugar.

So if you can’t live without fruits, the only time you should be having fruits, if your goal is fat loss is immediately after exercising within half an hour or 1 hour. But keep in mind, even at this time you shouldn’t go overboard with your fruit consumption. So the way to go is to have small portions of fruit.

And if you’re going to be having fruits every day, I suggest you vary the types of fruits you eat because different kinds of fruits give you different nutrition.

What to check before eating fruits?

Now the term GI load is actually associated with fruits. So the higher the GI load, the worse the fruit is in terms of fat deposition. So if your home is fat loss, you need to know these GI loads really well and avoid the foods with the higher GI loads. That’s all you need to know for now.

Final verdict

To summarize, if you’re trying to lose weight, you have to have small portions of fruits only after a workout. Ideally they should be low in terms of GI load and you should be having different fruits every single day. Remember if you’re trying to lose weight, you can still have fun in terms of what you eat. So if you want to eat fruits, moderation is the way to go. I guarantee you if you’re trying to lose weight but you follow all these rules I spoke about. You lose weight and you’ll have fun along the way and above all you’ll be healthy and happy.