Anne Heche in Coma

Anne Heche in Coma

Anne Heche is in coma and in critical condition. On Monday morning it was reported that Emmy-winning actress Anne Heche is recovering from serious burns she suffered during Friday’s crash. Police say they believe Heche was traveling at a high rate of speed when her blue Mini Cooper slammed into the home in the MAR Vista neighborhood on the west side of L.A.

The car erupted into flames forcing nearly 60 firefighters to work for more than an hour to rescue Heche and extinguish the flames. Miraculously the woman inside the home was not hurt, nor were her pets. But the house and a lifetime of her possessions are gone as friends have launched a “GoFundMe” for her with a goal of $100,000.

Witness of Anne Heche Car Accident

According to the witness-Roy Morgen, “I guess she was in the house at the time and the car stopped like two feet away from where she was sitting”.

Authorities are looking into whether alcohol was involved along with several other hits and runs just prior to the main crash.

Anne Heche’s Podcast

TMZ reports the newest episode of Heche’s podcast with Heather Duffy was published Thursday, the day before the crash.

Anne Heche said,” Today has been a very unique day. I don’t know what happened. Sometimes days just suck”.

The episode has since been pulled best known for her role in Wag the Dog alongside Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman. After a three-and-a-half-year relationship, she has also been open about her substance abuse struggles in the past but appears to have been enjoying a career upswing.

Anne Heche said, “I was away for a little bit. Shooting a movie called a girl in the motel which was unbelievable”.

Celebrities Wishing Anne Heche

After her accident, celebrities have been expressing well wishes including her juror co-stars.

Alec Baldwin said, “I love you Anne and I think you’re such a talented person and I hope everything is okay”.

LAPD detectives have still not spoken to Heche due to her medical condition as Anne Heche still in coma.