no-confidence vote

And its’ a clean bowled- No-confidence vote to take place tomorrow

The game is no more in the hands of PM Imran Khan. The no-confidence vote against PM Imran Khan will take place tomorrow in the National Assembly by 10:30am Saturday in accordance with the orders passed by the Supreme Court.

Being at the forth position in the sixth point agenda in the National Assembly, this issue has been resolved on Friday. National Assembly was restored one day before the deputy speaker announced the government decision to dissolve the assembly. This is against the constitution and will not be bearable.

The no-confidence vote motion will take place on Saturday where Asad Qaiser will call for the decision, happening no later than 10:30am.

On the matter of dissolving the assembly, Supreme Court of Pakistan strictly declared the NA is still in existence and will continue to be. Orders coming from Supreme Court also stated that no speaker of the assembly has the right to dissolve the assembly. Especially when a no-confidence motion is passed.

Furthermore as per the orders of Supreme court, if the no-confidence vote motion goes against the elected PM of Pakistan, National Assembly will be appointing the new prime minister for the country.  

Interior Minister speaks about mass resignation

Sheikh Rasheed offers a solution, saying that the treasury benches can easily resolve the current political situation in Pakistan. He claims to be right in all the instances, he said while talking about all his suggestions offered 3 months back.

Three years past, some of the suggestions offered by Sheikh Rasheed included tender resignation, dissolving the assemblies, imposing emergency, and imposing governor’s rule. He continued that he stands with his decision of mass resignation. He further added that the opposition should be exposed in the streets as he believes that these people will compromise on foreign policies set by Pakistan.

Through a tweet, Imran Khan speaks to the nation that he will continue to play until the last ball. But will the majority trust him?

When elected, Imran Khan made people hopeful about the New Pakistan he will be establishing for them. But the growing inflation in the country has disturbed the nation, giving opposition an opportunity to speak against him.

PM Imran Khan’s decision to dissolve the National Assembly made him lost his majority. After the new orders passed by the Supreme court, the opposition were seen to celebrate by sounding their horns, and racing through the streets.

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