breakout on face

All you need to know about breakout on face           

Breakouts have been a trouble for every second person today. Where it’s not really a deal for some, for others this can ruin the entire good day. The worst about it is popping up from anywhere in the family event where you intend to look your best. For me, it’s worse because it’s painful and yes they are throbbing.

What is surprising about this is that acne breakout on face can also be dealt without any medical prescription. All you need to keep in mind is that no single product can treat acne, you will require multiple. Also it may demand some lifestyle changes. You can checkout; what are the lifestyle changes needed as you reach 20?

What is a breakout?

Acne or breakout on face mainly appears where our skin has the most oil glands. And this can be anywhere on the body, like face, chest, arms, shoulder, etc.

Normally when you have a breakout, the hair follicles are filled with dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria, leading towards swelling, inflammation, and redness. This is the case of clogged pores where all the dirt and grimes are pushed to the skin’s surface.

When you suffer clogged pore that are not inflamed, it is recognized as comedone. And when a comedone is closed, consider it as a whitehead. But when the comedone is open, it’s a blackhead. If you are thinking about the coloring, it comes from the present oil and bacteria in the pore. Checkout these tools to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads.

Note that a pimple or an acne breakout on face are different from both blackheads and whiteheads. The formation of pimple starts with bacteria present in the plugged hair follicle, leading to redness and inflammation.

You also need to read ultimate guide to clear pores as the bacteria trapped in it may cause cystic acne.

Main causes of breakout on face

Top causes of breakout on face can be many. But we can always prevent them. To do so, first checkout the hidden causes of breakouts as below;

  • Use of skincare products

Visiting the market and buying a skincare product is a very common activity. You think of a new product and plan to buy it for the trial purpose, this is the first mistake you are making. Since majority of products comprise comedogenic ingredients, this turns out to be the reason behind breakout. Here what a wise dermatologist recommend is the purchase and use of skincare products that contains non-comedogenic ingredients.

  • Stress

According to the sources, stress is linked to risk of acne. When stressed, the corticotrophin-releasing hormone triggers the release of inflammatory cytokines. Excessive oil in the skin can clog pores and lead to breakouts.  

  • Going for acne treatments

The use of acne-fighting products can irritate the skin and can further lead to dry skin and inflammation. If you get a bit deeper with your research, you’ll explore that the dry skin reacts by producing excess oil and this clog pores.

  • Diet

Your face is a reflection of what you eat. According to the researches, high glycemic foods makes acne worse. So days when you have breakouts, ensure avoiding such food. Even the highly processed food makes acne worse while increasing the blood sugar level at the same time.

Don’t know which ones are high glycemic foods? Checkout below;

  • Chips, potatoes, fries
  • Sugary beverages and sodas
  • Baked items
  • White pasta, white rice, and white bread
  • Breakfast cereal, etc.

Controlling the blood sugar level is essential as when it spikes, it increases sebum production, overwhelming the pores and thus resulting in acne.

  • Dehydration

Water in the body is essential in order to maintain the physiological balance. Therefore it is believed that it helps in reducing the acne. The science behind is that when the skin is dehydrated, oil production in the skin increases, as a result causing acne and breakouts.

As per some of the studies, it has been observed that application of the moisturizer along with drinking a lot of water helps with maintaining soft skin.

Take the challenge and start drinking 2 litre of water every day for 30 days and feel the difference. It is also good for skin elasticity.

  • Smoking

Do you just smoke occasionally or are a chain smoker? No matter what, smoking is also bad for lungs and skin. Some of the recent studies have confirmed the fact that smoking contributes to acne. One of the studies have also evidenced that acne is more common among the smokers.

  • Skin touches

Are you one touching your skin too much? These days we actually do when we talk on the phone as the phone and the hand both comprises bacteria that passed and leading toward acne.

Even the pillow you sleep on should be washed and cleaned once a week!

  • Lack of sleep

Sleeping is a healing stage for our body. This means when we go to sleep, all the cells in our body regenerates, increasing the blood supply to the muscles, repairing and growing tissues, and further strengthening our immune system.

So when you don’t sleep properly, this results in stress and therefore increasing the sebum production and ruining the cycle.

How to stop pimples from coming on the face?

If you have been suffering breakouts very often, below are some of the tips and tricks that can help calm the skin.

  • Use gentle facial cleanser

No matter what, using the best gentle facial cleanser is a must once you wake up and second before you go to sleep. This helps remove all the access oil, dirt, as well as makeup. Read on further about how to find the best gentle facial cleanser according to skin type!  

  • Avoid processed food

Processed food like the bakes items are recognized as high glycemic foods. When you intake them overly, they spike the blood sugar level, ramping up the body to produce oil, thereby resulting in breakouts. Therefore, it is better to go for legumes, vegetables, fruits, avocados, herbs, nuts, etc.  

Note that foods rich in antioxidants, minerals, and fiber are beneficial. Thereby, helping to get healthy skin and healthy gut.

  • Stay hydrated

If you aim to get a beautiful and glowing, keeping the body hydrated is one of the secrets.

  • Please don’t touch your face

Just like our elders don’t allow too much kissing on the newborn baby face, touching your own face again and again destroys the skin health. Thus, leading to breakouts. It’s not just your hand, don’t allow your phone or pillow or anything else to touch your face.  

  • Exercise more to relieve stress

Managing stress is also important if you want a glowing and clear pore skin. You can even choose to meditate or spend time in nature. Exercising is again the best thing.

  • Take proper sleep

Not sleeping or limited sleeping is never a good sign for both the skin and body health. So allow your skin cells to regenerate with proper sleeping routine.  

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