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A guide to Breast Implants: Types and Conditions

Women always want to look more than perfect gorgeous more beautiful and differently adorable. Worldwide people tend to go for cosmetic surgeries to look more attractive. One of the most common types of cosmetic surgery is breast implantation or breast augmentation. You may be surprised with the numbers of breast implantation surgery in the USA only – in 2015, around three hundred thousand women and teenage girls went for breast implantation. The breast implant recovery rate is swift, and there are a few side effects, so women tend to go for it. The teenagers and women get their breasts enlarged with silicone and saline implants. Breast implantation has become a trend sooner than anyone can expect.

In 1997 there were only one hundred thousand breast augmentation cases, and that number included breast cancer instances.

What is a breast implant?              

Breast implant or breast augmentation is a known surgical method that helps increase the shape, size and fullness of the breast. In this procedure, the surgeon places different materials or alternative composite breast implants under breast tissues or chest muscles. It is a medical prosthesis placed inside the breast and helps reconstruct or create a better physical form of the breast. An implant lasts for an average of seven to twelve years.

Types of breast implants:

Here are a few different types of breast implants:

Saline implants:

Saline breast implants are the most popular types – these are filled with sterile salt water. The solution is held within a saline shell. The implants can be filled with different amount of saline as per requirements. It also affects the firmness, feel and shape of the breast. Among a few of its side effects is leakage of saline implants, which will eventually collapse and are naturally expelled by the human body. On a bright side, it provides a uniform shape and FDA-approved for women from age 18 and above.

If you are going for Saline implants with the structure, it will provide a more natural feel.

Gel-filled silicone implants:

These implants are filled with gel silicone. The silicone gel provides more natural breast tissue feelings. Although silicone gives a more comfortable feel than saline implants there comes with more side effects – if silicone-filled implants leak, the gel will stay in the shell or go through the breast implant pocket. There are fewer chances that this implant collapses in case of leakage.  

If you are going for silicone-gel based breast implants, you must go for more regular checkups with the doctors. An MRI or ultrasound after doctor consultation can help to know the exact condition of implants better.

Silicone-gel implants are FDA approved for women from age 22 and above.

Gummy-bear breast implants:

These are form-stable implants known as gummy bear breast implants – it is because even if the shell is broken, the shape remains the same. The silicone gel inside these implants is thicker than typical silicone gel implants. These gummy bear implants are firmer than traditional breast implants.

Gummy bear breast implants consist of more projection at the bottom and tapered towards the top. If a shaped implant rotates, eventually lead to an unusual appearance of the breast, and you might need to follow a different procedure to make it right. The foam-stable breast implants require a little intense surgery as it may need a longer incision in the skin.

Smooth breast implants:

Are you looking for some soft, smooth breast implants? The smooth breast implants will provide you with the most delicate feeling ever. These smooth implants can move with the breast implant pockets to provide you with a more natural movement. To its dark side, smooth implants sometimes may have palpable and visible rippling under the skin.

Textured breast implants:

Textured implants develop scar tissues to stick with the implant, and there is less chance for them to move around inside the breast, and eventually, they might not reposition easily. These are not suitable for everyone.

Miscellaneous implants:

There are many implants available in the cosmetic industry, and you can choose from different implant materials like polypropylene string or soy oil.

Who can go for breast implants?

Different types of breast implants are suitable for a diverse age group – for saline implants healthy person from age 18, and above are appropriate. Likewise, for silicone breast implants, FDA approves 22 years or older. You are eligible for this cosmetic surgery if you are:


If you are a smoker and plan for breast implants, it is better to quit smoking months before you go for the process.

Not pregnant or breastfeeding:

There are different opinions of doctors about breastfeeding after breast implants. IOM (The Institute of Medicine) states that women who had breast implants are more likely to have inadequate milk supply for nursing. Whether you can breastfeeding after breast implant also depends on many things, such as the status of breasts before surgery and what type of incision you will have after implantation surgery.

Aware of risks involved:

There are numbers of risk involved in breast implant surgery, for instance, there are chances of leakage, and it can cause health problems. Breast implant recovery also varies from person to person, and according to the studies, women with breast implants are more likely to develop cancer issues than others. Although women may not need another surgery for at least seven years, this surgery also involves risks like every other surgery. Around 21% of women with saline implants and 46% of women with silicone gel implants may have to undergo additional surgery within three years.

Stable weight:

Women with a healthy lifestyle and stable weight are the ideal candidate for breast implant surgery. Breast implants recovery rates also increase if you are not overweight or under-weight.

Cost of the surgery:

One of the most important factors to consider before going for it is the cost of breast implant surgery. The fee may depend on the location, surgeon, specific needs, and implantation type used for the implantation.

Generally, the cost of breast implant surgery can vary from 5 thousand USD to 10 thousand USD. Also, remember that breast implant comes under the cosmetic procedure, and health insurance usually does not cover it.

Why women want breast implant:

Despite all of the cost and risks involved women tend to go for breast implant surgeries, and there are several reasons for it, among them, few are:

Back to the shape after Mastectomy:

Mastectomy is a procedure many women go through to survive from breast cancer. A mastectomy can save women life, but it also leaves a significant impact on your health and it costs robbing your feminine beauty. If you also went through the challenging procedure, breast implants can restore beauty like before. It will give you your curves back, and you will feel more pleasing and confident.

Look youthful:

Talking about beauty and forgetting about youth is not possible. Aging leaves many effects on our bodies, and one of them is sagging breasts. Perky, beautiful and full breasts reflect sexuality and femininity. If your breast has lost volume with age, or small in size breast implants can recreate them and provide a young body shape with breast implants.

Look sexy:

Women love to look sexy and beautiful, and chests give women body a sexy shape. If your breasts are small, you might not look that sexy – breast implants will provide a sexy figure that offers more confidence and makes you look more attractive.

Improve shape after weight loss:

When we lose some weight due to any reason specifically from some health problems, it may also affect our breasts significantly if primary body fats reduce weight loss. You may feel they are smaller in size before. A breast implant surgery helps improve the breasts’ size and shape after weight loss, and you will look healthy and sexy like before.

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Take back to shape before pregnancy and nursing:

Pregnancy leaves an effect on our body we might lose weight and get flat tummy back with consistency. Breasts, on the other hand, get saggy and lose the shape and size might decrease. Breast implants enhance breast volume and make them lifted and attractive like they used to be before nursing and pregnancy.

Achieve symmetrical breasts:

Many women have an issue with noticeable size difference in breasts. A little asymmetry does not hurt, but it calls for solutions when it is apparent and differs by full cup size. Breast implant surgery is one of the best solutions to achieve breasts symmetry. A single breast implant is inserted into the smaller one and helps them have symmetrical breasts.

Create an overall better appearance:

Breast implants provide a little extra that boosts our confidence – women look more beautiful in any dress they wear. Breast implant surgery tends to create better body appearance and improve self-confidence.

Let’s wrap it up:

Breast implant surgery might be costly and contain few risks, but it provides many benefits at the end of the day and helps women walk into the world with more style and confidence.