proven skincare routine

8 healthy habits for a proven skincare routine

A beautiful and glowing skin is a blessing and it is our duty to admire it by carrying an amazing yet proven skincare routine. As the changes in the weather comes by, our skin is also prone to naturally opting those changes. For instance, as the winters are soon to appear no matter what the skin type, dryness will be noticed. This is why, the changes in the atmosphere also require bringing changes to the beautiful lifestyle too.

Healthy habits for a proven skincare routine

Don’t want to add to many expensive cosmetic products in your advanced skin care routine? Bring some change in yourself by opting these 10 healthy habits as below;

Gentle massage with Coconut oil

proven skincare routine
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Coconut oil has been referred to as a powerful ingredient due to its’ richness in healing properties, antioxidants, and what not. Do you know that this has been recommended as one of the perfect makeup removing solutions? It soothes the barriers within the skin and promotes the dewy-looking skin that is healthy and glowing below it’s surface layer.

**Coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer to apply. A small amount on your palm may work wonder.  

Aloe Vera after face wash

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After every face wash you have (twice a day), rubbing the aloe vera gel helps stimulate new cell growth.

**Prior to proper application, test a small area and check if any reaction occurs within next 24 hours?

Moisturize after face wash

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Each time you wash away your face, your skin loses it’s moisture. This is why it is essential to lock the moisture to manage a glowing, healthy, and youthful appearance. Where your skin needs extra moisture, choose to apply moisturizer on the wet skin.

Make sunscreen your best friend

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Sunscreen is a powerful source that fights the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. A large number of reliable sources shares the fact that sunscreen needs to be revised as it loses it’s power after every hour.

**No matter if it’s rainy weather, application of sunscreen is a must!

Do not skip the cleansing- basic step of a proven skincare routine

Cleansing regularly is the ultimate need of your skin. It does not mean that you waste all your time washing your face day and night. Instead, washing away when needed. Firstly in the morning, secondly when you sweat during the day, and finally before going to sleep. 

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Ban smoking for your skin

Since cigarettes are full of chemical toxins, having it for once may leave an adequate impact. When one smokes, this adds up the stress within the skin that then lead to reflect the aged skin.

Intake as much Co2

Can you define the benefits water has for you? Not every but yes some can be revealed easily. When you aim to have healthy and glowing skin, go with the fact of drinking plenty of water.

***How much? I drink 12 glasses as recommended!

Healthy diet- second major step for proven skincare routine

Healthy eating habit also plays an essential role in nourishing the skin. Add more and more fruits to your diet and also intake a lot of green veggies. Even if you don’t like, have them for your beauty.


Your beauty is your ultimate asset and protecting your asset is solely your responsibility. Share with us how you have been helping your skin throughout the year to appear healthy and glowing in the comment section as below!