remedies for Constipation

6 Remedies for Constipation You Must Know

Nowadays, almost every person has come across with the severe constipation disease. This is why remedies for constipation plays vital role. If we think about the reasons why everyone is facing this issue, it will directly point out at the lifestyle. The most common cause of constipation is the habit of overeating. Others include eating junk foods, use of alcohol, smoking, and less sleep as well. This article shares the reasons behind constipation which are not commonly known. These are as follows;

  • Mental Stress
  • Dehydration
  • Taking excessive pills
  • Pregnancy

The person who is suffering any of the above-mentioned issues feels difficult to pass the stool freely. Upon conducting a recent survey, the following reasons have come forward behind chronic constipation;

  • Limited motivation towards the profession
  • Changes in mood
  • Peevishness
  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Nausea

Treatment of constipation

As the problem of constipation increasing day by day, the treatments are also becoming very popular. Try to avoid visiting doctors for this problem and adopt immediately the following home remedies to get rid of constipation. These remedies include;

  • Eating habits
  • Fitness

Let’s find out how both of the home remedies will help you to get relief from constipation.

Eating habits as remedies for constipation

By adopting the following eating habits, there would be no need of visiting the doctor for constipation.

Add lemon a part of your routine

Most of the times, constipation can be relieved by drinking a glass of warm water with 1 table spoon of lemon juice and half of that honey. It has been referred to as the instant constipation relief. Lemon has an ability to exclude all of the infections from the digestive systems. Honey is only used for reducing the sour of the lemon. A pinch of salt can also be used instead of honey that has other benefits and helps to contract the bowel muscles along with cleaning all of the infectious elements from your small intestine.

If you are suffering from constipation, you can add fresh apple and prunes juices in the same proportion as lemon juice

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Massage with Essential Oil

Oil plays an important role to deal with a problem of constipation. The use of oil helps to relax your muscles, avoid contraction of muscles, and also helps the digestive system to work as required.

Do not apply the oil directly and dilute it with a carrier oil to work safely. You can consider the following oils that are the most essential for constipation;

  • Ginger Oil
  • Fennel Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • Rosemary Oil

All of the above oils are best to deal with constipation along with other benefits as well. Take 2 to 3 drops of any from the above-mentioned list and mxi it with carrier oil. Do massage of your abdomen 2 to 3 times daily using this oil compound.   

Add Fiber in your Diet

Bickston, a professor of internal medicine and director of the inflammatory bowel diseases stated that,

“Those people, who take high fiber diet, have very low chances to meet with constipation”

Here is one more effective way to deal with constipation is to increase gradually fiber in your diet. The intake of fibers provides great benefits and makes your stool soft. 

You can consume fibers in two ways such as;

  • Soluble Fibers: These fibers increase water level of your stool, making it soft and flexible to pass out freely such as nuts, beans, peas, bran, psyllium, including other fruits and vegetables
  • Insoluble Fibers: These fibers increase the volume of stool and helps to pass out quickly such as whole grains and beans, cereal, and some vegetables

But always remember to increase fiber diet not too fast otherwise there will be chance of getting diarrhea. It will help better your irritable bowel system IBS that provide relief to your constipation and make your life happier.

Make Psyllium Your Habit

It is a soluble fiber and obtained through the seeds of plant that is usually found in India.

It includes in the Metamucil as well- a fiber used for getting relief from constipation.

Psyllium has many other benefits such as it helps to control cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides.

There is a majority of the people who eat less and remain away from fruits and vegetables. Therefore, these people should take psyllium on daily basis in order to get relief from the constipation.

When it is used for getting rid of constipation, it works as a bulk-forming laxative that increases the size of stool so it would be pass out freely.

The use of Psyllium increases the moisture in the stools that enables the stool to become passable.

It has been observed through study that approx. 10 to 20 gram of psyllium must be taken stirring it in a glass of water, increase the water and weight of stools. It also helps to accurate the bowel movements.

Drink Plenty of Water

Make it your habit to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day that will keep you apart from constipation.

If we are a victim of constipation and list out our daily routine, we will find a less amount of water intake that causes dehydration. It can lead to constipation as well.

Our digestive system requires a lot of water to throw out the food waste. On the other hand, less amount of water will make the stool hard and difficult to get out.

If you are not willing to drink too much plain water then you can also drink juices of fresh fruits. They will help you to get relief from constipation.  

The limited quantity of prune juice, lemon juice and apple juice will make you free from constipation.


Physical work or exercise also very helpful to get relief from the constipation. If you add exercise or walk in your daily routine life then it is very hard to have constipation problem.

Exercise or walk helps your digestive system to quickly move the food towards large intestine. Through this you bowel system remain in proper functions as well.    

But, exercise does not mean a warrior efforts it must be done in limits.

The following exercise will be very beneficial for your health and to get rid of constipation as well. Such as;

  • Walk briskly at least 30 minutes per day
  • Specific yoga positions such as cat and cow pose
  • Wind relieving pose
  • Two Pelvic Floor Workouts such as Forward Lunge and Deep Squat Pose.