new jersey balloon festival

39th Annual New Jersey Hot Air Balloon Festival

The 39th annual New Jersey balloon festival of ballooning has kicked off in the Northeastern states of the United States. The sound of the propane whirring and the sight of balloons touching the skies bringing out the inner kid among all those presents. some 175000 people are expected to take part in the annual festival.

39th New Jersey Lottery Festival of ballooning sets off

  • 175000 people expected to be a part of festival
  • Around 45 balloons are being included

Balloons range from ones dedicated to New Jersey Lottery to Tigers!

According to Howard Freeman, Producer of New Jersey Lottery Festival of ballooning, “We’re having a media preview of a three-day family-oriented celebration of the magic of ballooning. We have about 45 baloons here today, including the spectacular special shapes. Our signature new jersey lottery  ballons includes sunny days balloons, unicorn-shaped, tiger, Tasmanian devil, panda. There are spaceships too! You won’t believe your skies this weekend.” Largest summertime hot air balloon festival in North America!