Month: February 2021

skin tags
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Causes and treatments: All about skin tags

Skin tags are painless moles type noncancerous growth on the skin. These are harmless pieces of skin connected in a small thin stalk known as the peduncle. They are a common issue in both men and women – and after the 50s, there are more chances of having these on your skin. These can appear […]

treatments of gallstones
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Cause and treatment of gallstones

Treatment of gallstones is vital to one’s health. Gallstone is a common issue of the gallbladder, but not many of us know about it. You might also be wondering what gallstones are? Gallstones or gallbladder stones are solid cholesterol bile particles and bilirubin that are built up in the gallbladder. Here is all about treatment of gallstones, gallstone signs, and […]

get rid of smelly armpits
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How to get rid of smelly armpits?

Smelly armpits are embarrassing and self-conscious – even it is one of the common issues with many people. The odor of armpits is known as BO that stands for Bromhidrosis. Stinking feels off but other than that it is not much of concern generally. Are you annoyed with stinky underarms and do not why they […]

Sleep without medication
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Ten ways to sleep without medication

According to the studies, almost more than one-third of adults sleep less than six hours in the U.S, and that is quite an alarming situation. Many studies, surveys, and medical observations suggest that sleeping disorder or insomnia is one of the major causes of mental and physical issues. These un-ending lists of health issues include […]

electric breast pumps
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What’s best for new mom’s?Manual breast pumps or electric?

The journey from pregnancy to becoming a mother is full of joys, smiles, hardships, tears and stories. Every pregnancy is different, particularly the first one because you may be experiencing whole new things. In nine months baby shopping and necessary products list never ends. Breastfeeding is essential, and not only it provides complete nutrition to […]

skin in winters
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Guide to take care of your skin in winters

Winter can have a bad impact on your skin. It can make your skin dry, itchy, and irritated. Cold conditions outside can leave your skin feeling raw whereas indoor heat zaps moisture from the air and from your skin. Also the things that make winter wonderful, such as sitting by a fire, can dry your […]