Month: January 2021

walk 10,000 steps
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Why You Should Walk 10000 Steps in a Day?

Walking is always considered beneficial for human health. It is also one of the best ways to lose weight without any strict exercises. Walking 10,000 steps has become the latest trend and because of the latest smartwatches and apps on your phone, you can easily count how many steps you are walking in a day. […]

tighten belly after C-section
Health & Fitness, Women Health

How to tighten belly after C-section?

The journey from pregnancy till birth is exciting, lovely, and full of sweet and bitter experiences. The nine-month journey is complete with fun stories of unexpected nausea and late-night weird carvings. When you hold your baby for the first time, all your hardships and efforts seem to be paid. The little hands of your angel […]

skin tightening tips for women
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Top 23 skin tightening tips for women

Growing age comes with many changes to our body – sometimes it is our lifestyle which makes the process fast. Sagging or loose skin is one of the significant aging signs that can be prominently seen on the face parts. Cheeks, nose, chin, and later on arms and other parts of bodies start sagging. There […]

myths of dark circles
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Dark circles Myths and facts

Dark circles are a nightmare, and many myths revolve around why they occur and how you can eliminate it. There are several reasons why dark circles appear, and in the age of glamour and social media images, this tiny issue has become huge. As we all want to look perfect and beautiful and, dark circles […]