Month: October 2020

best sunscreen for face
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The best sunscreen for face

Sunscreens are one of the essential parts of our daily skincare. Be it summer or winter, sun rays leave an effect on the skin. With global warming and continuously damaging the Ozone layer, sun rays are more dangerous to human skin than before. The freezing temperature and vicious dry winds leave our skin dry and […]

natural dandruff treatment
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Natural dandruff treatment- How it helps?

Dandruff has been defined as a medical problem, people across the globe have been looking for effective ways to manage it. Obviously, scratching the itchy scalp and the fear of having the cascade of white flakes onto the dark color dress may make you feel embarrassed while giving an interview or attending a formal dinner. […]

proven skincare routine for the brides
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Proven skincare routine for the brides to be

Ever thought of your wedding day? What clicks our minds’ first is our overall look. Obviously, as a woman, I can understand the importance of our beautiful appearance. Unless you are blessed with beautiful skin, the wedding day glow demand efforts to be made. To any wedding makeup artist, your skin is more like a […]

Beauty, Skin Care

Daily Skincare, Necessary or not?

Ever since I am grown up, my skin has become one of my major concerns. I have seen it way too dry and cracky, especially when the winters are to hit. Being among those lazy souls especially when it comes to taking self-care, I never tried applying a moisturizer ever. But now I believe how […]