Month: July 2020

get rid of age spots
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Growing old? Get rid of age spots?

Signs of aging skins have now become way too common. “Age spots”? Of course you’ve heard this term and want to get rid of age spots too. Let me define it in a simple manner so that it is easily understandable. You may have heard that the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun are dangerous. […]

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Avoid yourself from using Public bathroom during a pandemic- Here is why

Normally, public bathrooms are avoided when a majority is either to make a choice between using it or doing something else. Researches during the pandemic proves the decreased ratio and shows that until it’s an emergency situation, people choose to step in. A practitioner at Brigham considers them as the hot bed of diseases especially […]

cravings during pregnancy
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Reasons she is having cravings during pregnancy

Upon meeting a number of pregnant barbies in our circle, we may have come across the term “pregnancy craving” or one may have discussed about “cravings during pregnancy”. Do you understand what is it? To me it is no longer surprising. Not because I am mother of one, but have heard it so many times […]

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Are You Pregnant?

The term “pregnancy” is too common, described as the period when the fetus is developed within the woman’s womb (some people call it uterus). Every woman has this desire to get pregnant fast sometimes in excitement while sometimes in need of love from kids. This period lasts around 9 months or 40 weeks from the […]