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15 Key Heart Attack Causes You Must Know

The human heart is a fist-sized muscular organ located under the breast bone, between the lungs, with its apex towards slightly left. Hence, the strongest muscle in the body. It is basically a double pumping station which receives the deoxygenated blood from the body in the right atrium, pumps it to lungs to exchange it into oxygenated blood, coming into the left atrium, and then into left ventricular that pumps the oxygenated blood to the whole body. Not having the system go smoothly, heart attack causes becomes essential to learn.

Despite it, the heart supplies blood to the whole body, therefore, the heart itself needs the oxygenated blood to be functional. This organ performs continuously without any pause. (Here be noted that the blood circulatory system of the heart is another chapter and will be discussed in a separate article).

This article denotes the 15 key heart attack causes which are under mentioned.

High cholesterol level:

A waxy substance in blood which the body needs to build a healthy cell, but high-level cholesterol is very dangerous and causes a heart attack.


These are a type of fat lipid in blood important for heart health, but the high levels of triglycerides cause a heart attack. A high level may contribute to hardening of the arteries or thinking of artery walls.


45 or above men and 55 or above women are more likely to have a heart attack. It occurs because of the stiffness that increases along with the increasing age. Plaque builds up in coronary arteries and reduces blood flow to the heart muscle and over time heart muscle becomes weakened.


Smoking is one of the major risk factors of a heart attack. It damages almost all organs in the body. Heart, blood vessels, lungs, and many other organs are affected by smoking. Chemicals in cigarette smoke can narrow the blood vessels, Thereby, vessels becoming swollen, inflamed, and less flexible.


Obesity can spike cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels while it lowers good HDL cholesterol levels. HDL cholesterol removes bad LDL cholesterol and reduces the risk of a heart attack. Obesity requires more blood to supply oxygen and nutrients to the body which causes increase blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure:

The arteries can become blocked and damaged which prevents blood flow to the heart muscle. It can cause the heart to be enlarged over time that leads the heart to angina and many other heart diseases.

Lake of Exercise:

Lake of exercise invites not only heart diseases but too many other diseases as well. Regular exercise is the best way to not only prevent heart diseases but to reverse some risk factors. Approx 30 minutes walk or any exercise you love to perform on a regular basis is best for heart diseases. During the exercise, the heart pumps more blood and continues working at optimal efficiency with little strain. Regular exercise keeps vessels and arteries flexible ensuring good blood flow and normal blood pressure.

Spasm of Coronary Artery:

If spasm of coronary lasts for a long time it may cause Angina and heart attack.

Coronary artery blockage:

It is a major cause of heart attack. The arteries become hardened and narrow therefore a plaque builds in the walls of arteries. This may lead to the reduction of oxygenated blood flow and become a cause for heart attack.


Genetics factor plays a role in a heart attack. In the case of inherited heart diseases, the risk of heart attack is very high.


Stress plays a very important role in a heart attack. It increases high blood pressure, affects breathing, sleep disorders, and chemical changes in the human body. Stress leaves powerful imprints on the body and causes many other diseases and problems. To prevent stress be happy and relax.

Illicit drugs and alcohol:

Abuses of illicit drugs and alcohol have adverse cardiovascular effects. Many drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, and various forms of amphetamine change body chemistry and cause reactions or heart attack.

History of Preeclampsia:

Women who have had preeclampsia are at high risk of diabetes and heart attack.


It is also considered a dangerous one because it narrows the channel within the arteries. It reduces the blood flow and causes the heart attack.


High blood glucose from diabetes is very dangerous for the heart and increases the chances of a heart attack. Diabetes is very harmful to the whole body organs, especially dangerous to the brain and heart.

Autoimmune system disorder is a cause of heart attack.

Life style and diet are also the causes of heart attack.

The above mentioned factors lead a person to have a heart attack.

The cure and care can prevent this fatal morbidity.

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