12 places for Camping in Coorg amidst nature


Located at a distance of 270 km from Bangalore and 120 km from Mysore, Coorg is a beautiful holiday destination. There are also lots of camping sites. Some of them are as follows.

Camping sites 

Virajpet, near Cauvery river.

This Is a first of a kind drive camping in Coorg near the banks of Cauvery. It has modern facilities and lots of natural splendour. It has a large tank for tribal fishing and is inspired by the western countries.  This is an offbeat camping experience and you will surely enjoy it here. It also offers the best coffee beans of Coorg.

Hobbit house, Surlabi.

This is also a beautiful campsite and is very unique in its own way. It is a rustic place with the natural warmth of the Coorg hills and the wooden retreat is ideal for picnics and getaways.

This place provides pleasant accommodation, perfect getaway vibes and camping treats.

Areca campsite, Kushalnagara.

If you want to enjoy a jungle like scenery in Coorg then this is the perfect place for you. The resting areas of this place would remind you of a typical countryside home with thatched roofs and limited furniture. The flora and fauna is very diverse. The forest is so dark that the only source of illumination is the bonfire. This would be one hell of an adventure and is very thrilling.

Alpine Campsites, near FMKMC College

This place provides a refreshing atmosphere with Alpine forests allover and the peaks of Coorg may be seen from far. It has lots of tents and a massive green lawn and has to provide a lot of comfort and amenities.

Wild tent, Suntikoppa

This place provides a very beautiful experience. It offers a very modern camping experience set amidst the natural beauty of Coorg. You can rent a jeep and explore the woods, do bonfires and see waterfalls.

Coleman camping adventure, Coorg.

The landscape here is replete with green carpets and trees.

You can go on Coffee tours, jeep drives and forest treks and crab hunting . This place is very enjoyable. You will have lots of fun here. You have ample place to bond and chill with your campmates.

Jollyboys Coorg Camping, Galibeedu.

This is very interesting because this is Tree house . This place is replete with adventures. 

Maday Holidays, Made village.

You get a warm welcome from the western ghats and a nature based camping facility in Coorg. You get to reconnect with the earth and harmonize nature. You will get all kinds of worldly comforts here. Also you can hop into adventurous wildness in the forests.

Jungle mount adventure camp, Kakkabe.

You get to sleep in cottages and tents and also go for adventure activities like trekking and canoeing and rappelling, river crossing and snorkelling.

Wood Shack, Napoklu.

It would provide rustic adventures and a bag full of memories which you will remember for a lifetime. A benefit of this place is that you would get to have authentic Coorg cuisines which are very delicious.

Votecad Nature Camp, Srimangala.

This place is just nature’s paradise. Ideal for people who seem solitude. Coorg plantations and shrubbery are the things to be explored here. You will get no room to complain at this campspot.

Evergreen county, Virajpet.

This place is ideal because of its bamboo wood and came cottages. It looks really fascinating. Coffee plantations and vegetable yards are also a major attraction. Night trails and bonfire nights are very good here.


Coorg is very popular for all it has to offer. So if you are planning a Holiday you should definitely visit Coorg. It will be worth it and you will have one hell of a time here.