facts about scrubbing

10 Fun Facts about Scrubbing You Should Remember

Scrubbing is one of the most basic and mandatory parts of your skincare routine that you should never miss. Many people skip the scrubbing part and follow their skincare routine as usual. Remember, There are numerous facts about scrubbing you still don’t know. A scrub or an exfoliator can create a lot of difference and when used appropriately can make your skin a lot better and healthier.

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My skincare routine has always been simple and quick. But yes scrubbing has been a part. It’s just because I revealed the truth behind it.

Facts about scrubbing you should know

Deeps cleanse your skin

Using a good cleanser or a face wash is never enough. There is still some dirt left even after you wash your face with a cleanser. To deep clean your skin, you should exfoliate or scrub it once or twice a week depending on your skin type. The tiny particles in the scrub gently clean your pores from the inside and remove all the dirt from them and hence, the skin looks cleaner and smoother.

Prevents pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads

When your pores are cleaned from the inside, the chances of getting blackheads and whiteheads are almost minimized. Blackheads and whiteheads are caused by the dirt and the excess oil that is blocked inside the pores. A proper scrubbing routine removes away the unwanted oil and dirt and therefore, your pores stay clean. Using a gentle scrub regularly can minimize the risk of blackheads and whiteheads which can later lead to acne and pimples.

Helps even out skin tone

Using makeup on a daily basis or even occasionally can sometimes cause your skin to look dark. This is because of the product build-up when the makeup is not removed completely. No matter how good makeup wipes or remover you use, the need for a good scrub is still there. An exfoliator removes all the makeup that has entered your pores and makes them clean. When your pores are clean, the makeup looks good and stays for longer. Makeup does not last long on the skin that already has particles of the previous makeup.

Helps absorb skin products more efficiently

When the skin is properly cleaned, it absorbs the moisturizers and serums in a much better way. When serums are absorbed by the inner layers of the skin too, they give better results and work well. therefore, your skin and pores need to be properly cleaned whenever you apply a moisturizer or a serum for better absorption.

Helps slows down the aging process

If you want your skin to look young and healthy for a long, make sure you scrub it regularly. Using a scrub prevents wrinkles and fine lines too. Scrubbing tightens up your skin and hence your skin’s aging process is slowed down.

Removes away dead skin cells

Another interesting fact about using a scrub or an exfoliator is that it removes all the dead skin cells, hence makes room for new cells. A gentle scrub on a regular basis can help in proper blood circulation which results in healthier and brighter skin.

Makeup looks good and even

It is often recommended that you scrub your face before applying makeup. This way all the dirt, unwanted oil, and the previous makeup is removed, and your pores are cleaned. The foundation absorbs really well into your skin and the makeup does not look cakey. Thus, for natural-looking makeup, you should never miss a scrub and a moisturizer before putting on makeup.

Makes your skin brighter

When scrubbing removes all the dirt, oils, and other impurities, what are you left with? A clear and bright skin that everyone dreams of. If your skin is cleaned from the inside it will eventually look bright and healthy from the outside as well. you have often seen celebrities that have bright and glowing skin. That is not because of makeup only. They also follow a good skincare routine that involves good cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer. Therefore, to get your dream skin, never skip a scrub, and make it a must in your skincare routine.

Helps prevents breakouts

Breakouts are a very common thing that almost all of us face. There are a lot of reasons behind breakouts but, one of the major reasons is not scrubbing your skin. We apply moisturizers and serums to our skin daily. our skin also catches dirt and dust and mixes with the moisturizer and forms a layer on our skin. That nasty layer needs to be removed before applying a new layer of moisturizer. Applying moisturizer without proper cleansing and scrubbing can clog the pores and result in breakouts.

Help get rid of dry and flaky skin

A scrub removes unwanted oil along with the dirt. That does not mean that people with dry skin should not use an exfoliator. Many people that have extremely dry skin avoid using scrubs thinking that it might make their skin drier and duller. That is not the case. People with dry and flaky skin should use an exfoliator to get rid of the dry flakes to make room for the new cells.

Some common questions about scrubbing

Q. Is it wise to scrub in winter?

A. the rough winter weather makes our skin look dry and dull. A scrub removes all the dead skin cells and hence the new cells make our skin look healthy and youthful. Therefore, the need for a scrub in winters in more than in summers.

Q. How often should you scrub your skin?

A. According to dermatologists, you should scrub your skin two to three times a week. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, you should scrub daily in order to get rid of the dirt that can clog your pores and cause more acne.

Q. Can scrubs harm your skin?

A. If used correctly, scrubs can never harm your skin. If you are too harsh while scrubbing or use a scrub that has big granules you might hurt your skin. So, choose the best exfoliator that is made for your skin type and be very gentle whenever you use a scrub.


Scrubbing can change the whole skincare game. You will feel a lot of difference in your skin after you start using an exfoliator. Enjoy a healthy and younger-looking skin by just adding a good exfoliator to your skincare routine and let everyone think about where you got that natural glow from!