Pakistan Increases Minimum Internet Speed by 16x to Increase IT Exports

Pakistan Increases Minimum Internet Speed by 16x to Increase IT Exports

Pakistan increases minimum internet speed by 16x to increase IT exports

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) fixed broadband internet speed for data download throughput must be at least 4 Mbps (up from 256 kbps) and 2 Mbps for upload to encourage technology exports, according to revised regulations.

The government wants to increase IT exports to 15 billion US dollars.

Pakistan’s IT exports increased 24 percent to $2.61 billion in the 2022 fiscal year, mainly due to the huge inflow of investment flowing into Pakistan’s technology sector.

The PTA has reviewed the existing broadband service quality rules since 2014 and has published the revised fixed broadband rules after consultation with all stakeholders. The regulation will be known as the 2022 Fixed Broadband Quality of Service (QoS) Regulation.

This regulation has been updated to accommodate existing and developing fixed broadband technologies, including digital subscriber line (xDSL), cable broadband (DOCSIS 3. x), fixed wireless cable, fiber to the home (FTTH)/GPON, satellite broadband and etc. The goal is to better evaluate the services that service providers assign to end users.

The regulation covers aspects such as Download speed on fixed-line broadband Internet must be at least 4 MBPS (from 256 MBPS) and 2 MBPS for uploads. 80% of the advertised download speed should be available to end users at all times.

In addition, the PTA will not only organize QoS surveys and test the quality of services provided to users, but also execute and run the iterative National Broadband Measurement (NBM) program. For this purpose, a pre-configured device is placed with a group of volunteers and the channel performance is continuously measured.

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The results must be available on a dedicated server placed in a specific location specified by the authority. Such testing may be carried out by an authorized PTA official or by the agency assigned for the purpose.

Based on technological advances in fixed broadband networks, stricter thresholds have been set for existing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (e.g. latency, packet loss, jitter, etc.). In addition, a number of new KPIs were introduced, including Voice over IP (VoIP) service, web page load time, and bandwidth usage.

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Particular value is placed on the application of the concept of “net neutrality”. Broadband Service Providers (BSP) must treat all Internet communications equally and not slow down or limit Internet speed to slow/block applications, websites, or other Internet content. Network operators provide all services equally, regardless of type.

PTA strives to provide consumers with quality services and promote the country’s rapid technological progress.

Pakistan increases minimum internet speed by 16x to increase IT exports